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PS500e ,This is a great headphone!

PS500e ,This is a great headphone!
The sound full of openness that is characteristic of GRADO sounds.
And it is a more exciting sound than wooden GRADO.

Lune series MKVI cable

Love the quality of the cable and the case it came in

Elegant, Beautiful, Sonic Perfection - Even More Service Perfection

Where can I begin to praise Null Audio? The Lune MKVI is my THIRD cable from NA. So, that already tells you how much of a loyal fan I am - and this is the cheapest one I bought from them, yet, it is a perfect marriage with my Solaris. Once you get something from NA, you simply cannot go back to some other US brands. There simply is no comparison how much better NA's cables are. Not only do the sounds open up, but the craftsmanship (hand-made) takes this cable to a whole new level. I recommend the 8 braid upgrades. I can simply stare at the cable for 30 minutes to praise the work of ark. And then, you always have the confidence that this stuff won't break. Now for what makes Null Audio truly special - the amazing family-like service. I had a 10% off coupon which I forgot to use and I was going ton traveling in 7 days. I ordered the cable, told them I had the discount which I didn't apply. Guess what happened? A free upgrade of cable metal hardware from the Symphonym series (of which I own two - and I know they are the ones in my Lune MKVI). Not only that, I politely asked, if I can get this within 5 days (and I am talking to Su and the team all the way from US while they are in SG). 4 days later, wallah - Fedex International Priority knocks at my door. Now, is this service or what? THIS IS FAMILY! RESPECT TO NULL AUDIO!

Great quality, highly recommended

I was impressed by the quality of the audio cable and the build quality. Definitely improved the audio quality with the new cable.

Great price per performance

I bought this earphones on 11.11 deals. Great earphones. Maybe one thing could be improved in the next product is the cable quality. Otherwise it is a great purchase.

Lune Series MKVI Premium Upgrade Cable for Headphone | IEM

What u see is what u get


Wonderful with the Andromeda - Wonderful on all categories

Firstly hats off to to Su and the Null Audio team. This cable (I ordered the Herringbone 8 braid upgrade also), is the best thing that ever happened to my CA Andromeda. This takes the Andros to a whole new league. Now I can hear every mid-bass 4-string bass notes clearly which I struggled with so many IEMs - along with prominent micro details. A perfect cable in my collection. On top of that, it's so beautifully built. Just see the pictures and you will know that this will last the test of time. Looks amazing, built amazingly, sounds wonderful across all frequencies. On top of that, what a wonderful packaging and unboxing experience. NA really makes their customers feel special and embraces us into a family. That's the most commendable feat of Null Audio's part. A myriad of praises.

PS. After this, I have already ordered two more cables from NA. They are THAT good.

Arete Series MKIV

Very nice looking and premium built cable. It has strong connectors (2pins) and very good flexibility. Highly recommended.

Capri USB-C IEM Cable with Hi-Res DAC


是真的牛逼 物流也很快

Grado RS2e

I continue to be impressed with service and better mailing speed of Null audio.

Outstanding cable

Only Null audio can provide such a great cable at a realistic price. Impressive build quality which leads to great sound.

Amazing quality

If I have any regrets, it would be to upgrade to a L shaped aux end since I use it on my laptop allot

Nice product and nice package

Build quality is top notch and packaging unexpected at this price point. Sonically, I feel a small but noticeable and enjoyable improvement over the stock cable of my IEM. Very statisfied by this purchase.

Slim cable, well-balanced sound

Very slim and soft cable. When combined with multi-BA Custom IEM, the high to mid-low range is very clear.

Lune Series MKVI Premium Upgrade Cable for Headphone | IEM

Great cable

This is really a good match with my magaosi k6 iem. I was experiencing some sibilance with other cables. With the Arete Series MkIV, no sibilance was observed and it gives greater clarity.

Ethos MKIII UPOCC SPC Earphone Cable


Loved the packaging, the case and especially the cable. Wonderful pairing with the Solaris and M11Pro :) Thank you.

Custom IEM Reshell

Fitting and faceplate design are very good.

Excellent value cable

Great cable for the price. Compact, lightweight, ergonomic and flexible. Very pleased with the price/performance ratio.

One of the best headphone upgrade cable.

Great quality and impeccable cable management. Hasn’t tangled yet. Sound quality is crystal clear albeit slight mid bump.

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