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Overall sound is good, much better than the IEM I was using before (shure se215). Noise isolation and fit of the CIEM is good. Recommended for starting CIEM

iPhone headphone amplifier

Fantastic sound..Very happy I can charge and listen at the same time..

Thank you..

Good Balance Sound

Good Balancing Sound and great detail with sweet voice

Hight quality

Always AAW is giving a Hight quality product to me.


Capri USB-C IEM Cable with Hi-Res DAC

Null Audio Arete cable

The cable is of great quality, improved soundstage and better bass response for my w4r. Excellent!

great cable

This cable is very thick and well build.
sound will get thicker.

very very good!

I bought these to use with my Samsung S8+ and the AAW A3HProV2 I bought earlier. See my review of the A3H first. Same music and sources. The Capri DAC cable fits perfectly, makes everything clean and simple (no additional DAC, amp or cables) and sounds great. Makes the A3H more dynamic and more forward, though much more closed in. I'll take the dynamism anytime; the tradeoff is totally worth it. Some loss of details compared to external DAC and amp, but quite acceptable for the fuss-free single cable.


The cable feels very sturdy, I'm sure these will last a long time. SQ-wise it wasn't too much difference from stock. But with these I got a custom length for my Bluetooth amp.

A3H Pro

Just got mine yesterday. Perfect fit and really PRO sound. Seems that I got a free update to the ETHOS 5N cable as well. Don't know if the A3H Pro comes with this cable all the time or I was just lucky. Anyway, good product, worth the price and the wait.

Capri USB-C IEM Cable with Hi-Res DAC

This Capri USB-C IEM Cable with Hi-Res DAC
Mach with my Sure 512, like it and every enjoy, thanks

Very Good

Well finished, good price, quickly send.


Works well with my sennheiser ie 80 S


Arete Series MKIII Premium Upgrade Cable For Earphones


Capri USB-C IEM Cable with Hi-Res DAC



Massdrop +

Got this for my massdrop plus iem and it was worth every penny... not only is it one of the best cables I’ve used it’s also saving my iems since the stock massdrop cable came loose really quickly... great purchase


Best bang for the buck, the lightning connector still hold up good, dac did good, sound cleaner and clearer than before, hope they can come out model with high grade multi strains cables.
Great for music and movies.

Câble Arete et Lune

I had already bought a few years ago a silver moon cable with android control which I was quite happy. Moreover I find that the brand communicates well with customers. So I needed a copper cable and I immediately thought of Null Audio and the Arete.I trust this brand and I am happy with my new cable. Which aesthetically is a success the color is beautiful (crimson red).

Very Happy, Excellent Quality

This was my first purchase from Null Audio and I'm very happy with the quality of my IEM cable.

Great Cable

Ordered for my Massdrop Plus IEMs, was much better than the included stock cable!

Most Valued Cable

Great build and better than expected.

Null Audio UIEM GSS Demo Sale
W900 is one of the best

A great deal to get one of the best IEMs out there. Very balanced sound, with a delightful dynamic bass. Details and air all over!

Shozy Alien Digital Audio Player Gold Edition

Wonderful, small, comfortable and soundy player!

At an excellent price, fast delivery is my best recommendation!

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