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See what other customers are talking about our product and service. All reviews are from actual buyers and we even kept the ones that are saying not so nice things, just to keep it objective and we know where to improve upon, enjoy:p
Based on 2386 reviews
Awesome spacious and musical. Indeed totl

Enough said about Canary and I'm not a good enough reviewer. Just know that it's musical and spacious and wide and accurate as the great rave reviews. I actually want to take this chance to call out on the impeccable customer service from the entire AAW Null Audio team. They go above and beyond regardless of your request. And my initial ask was merely a reshell request. Great job team. And thank you!!

Exzellent upgrade cable

I am extremely satisfied with this cable! It makes my UE 5 Pro sound one class better!

AAW Tiburon MKII UP-OCC Cryo Copper Headphone/IEM Cable

Perfect bluetooth.

Exactly as described. Works flawless, pairs automatically. I'm in love with it.

Only .78mm bt on the market.

Only complaint is that when low on battery it repeatesly tells you so - should only do that once.


The quality, the sound and the customer service is really amazing

Comfortable sound, with 3 distinctive Bassflow modes

Very good bass of isobaric woofer, and flat mid-high sound feels so comfortable, made me listening music hours without any fatigue or problems.
FIBAE technology make this receiver more useful, just plug in smartphone with 3.5 jack and can listen beautiful sounds. And with nice dac/amp, it’ll make you flying with notes.
Also, Bassflow module is very useful. It makes reasonable change on sound - especially in sub-bass and bass frequency area... anyway on positive side to me. (I love normal/bass mode)
Good receiver for many users wanna experience and feel of Isobaric woofer and Bassflow module. Very pleased and satisfied of this project :)

Aoraki Platinum

The cable is extremely high in terms of dynamic and bass control, resolution and sound The cable is extremely high in terms of dynamic and bass control, resolution and sound reproduction. This is a very good quality cable, and I highly recommend it.

Tiburon MKII

Clearly a valuable replacement for the original Focal Elegia cable, I am very satisfied!

AAW A3H+ Triple Driver Hybrid Custom In-Ear Monitor

Ordered it and did my ear impressions at the store. Item was slightly delayed due to CNY holiday but it came in a nice package with accessories.
Had to send one side of the IEM for a refit and retuning, hopeful everything will turn out well when I get it back.

Hi End IEM cable

It is clearly not as warm. The upper treble is smooth; it’s a high resolution cable, very engaging for Jazz or Pop

Very pleased with purchase - exactly what was wanted

I was looking for an upgrade to the cable for my IEMs that ideally included a microphone that meant it could be purposed with a Sony Xperia 1ii as it’s actually lovely to have an up to date phone with reasonable audio and WITH a 3.5mm out. The cable is super and beautiful to look at and listen to, the mmcx connection is sound and the microphone quality is excellent. I’m very pleased.
The quoted shipping times, communication from the vendor etc. were excellent.
I hope this is read by prospective buyers as before I bought I had read some nonsense reviews on other high end audio sites calling the seller into question regarding communication, dispatch and transparency - I’m delighted to say my experience was EXCELLENT and I will be returning to shop again when needed.

Great Cable

Great service, great delivery, and great product - exceeded expectations

AAW + Custom

The vocal is clear, the bass is strong, and the sense of space is sufficient. I like to use bass mode. thanks.

Fantastic Cable

Exceptional build quality, built with parts exactly to my specifications. Not too thick, not too thin. All around excellent cable.

Null audio price performance is good. I recommend.

It can be obtained at an inexpensive price, but it has a fairly good quality compared to the price. Usually branded cables are expensive, from Ali, etc.... There are many cases that show poor performance compared to the low-cost types, but at least I think that null audio cables show decent performance for the price. In particular, the Arte Mark 4 is a copper wire that gives the overall a sticky, warm sound and a plump bass. The sense of space is not so wide and has a tendency to suppress the treble a bit, so it fits well with the final A4000, which has a high-pitched tone and a sibilant sound.

Null is the best

This is the best cable I have owned.

Ethos MKIV Premium Cable

5/5 Will recommend it to people who want to start becoming an audiophile or to change their original IEM Cables. Sounds better than my original cable in terms of getting more depth & soundstage out my my IEM & for the price it's really good

Very good cable

It's very good cable, Bass is very deep, rich and also very clear.
I love it.
I recommend it.

Nyx BT5 Wireless In-Ear Monitor Cable

Accessport Audio & Charge Headphone Amplifier for iPhone Feedback

Im I’m pressed with the finish of it and makes any audio signal a fantastic one!!


The reason this product is outstanding is not only because of its appearance, but also its sound quality. I really like the space it shows and the tone it has. Highly recommend.

Hakone 4.4 with My Canary

I used a Dap AK Khan alpha.

Surpringly, 4.4 balanced Hakone expressed the sound clearly with Canary.

Very Good, ever before