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Tiburon UP-OCC Cryo Copper Headphone/IEM Cable

The cable sounds and looks great!
Very pleased with the purchase!


I recently sent an email to the customer service simply because of how impressed I was with the cable. Everything, from the fantastic communication about delivery to the very well put together case it came in; it was all beyond what I had expected. The cable is extremely well put together and feels very solid. Quite surprising for the relatively low cost of the cable. The hand written card in the box was also a very nice touch. I also noticed an appreciable difference in sound quality, compared to the stock Shure cables it came with. The team at Null Audio is doing something right. I am rarely this impressed with something I buy, but this company has knocked it out of the park. Like I had said in a previous email, you now have a lifelong customer and have already recommended Null Audio to many of my friends. Thank you again!

Lune mkV

Just a short write up on the Lune mkV cable, received the package recently. The box housing the mkV was very nicely done, very premium look. As for the cable, quality was superb and all termination from the 2 Pin to the 4.4mm connector was nicely done, cable braiding was really eye candy....

Now for the sound, I listened to mostly Classical, Jazz and Oldies, Lune mkV let me hear details I never knew was there, Depth and Soundstage was amazing....

Solid cable and pairing with my Sony ZX300 and Ibasso DX120 was awesome. Looking forward to get their Tiburon or Hakone cables in the near future, once again, thanks.

Very nice cable fo Triple Fi10's

I have purchased many cables in the past and this is the best one by far, very good build quality. The added box for the cable is a nice touch.

Great cable

I replaced my stock mass drop plus cable with this and it's been way more useful. It tangles very little and the mic is pretty good. No complaints, it's a solid cable.

Very Good

Build Quality is great and sound is astonishing

Great cable

Works great with my Shure 215s and the stiffened cable loops fit comfortably around the ears. The braided sheath around the lower half of the cable makes it feel more durable. Hopefully it will last longer than the flimsy cables I've owned previously.

Amazing sound and craftsmanship

I have the Lune Series Mark IV and its sound signature is already very impressive as I can hear more details of my favourite music which I am used to. However, I am surprised that the Vitesse can make a big difference in the sound stage and the control of low frequencies so I think the upgrade is really worth it. Moreover, the customer service is responsive to my questions and I would like to express my thanks for their hard work.

Brevity Triplefi 10

After many years searching for triple fi 10's cable replacement, finally i found brevity that so close to the original cable, i am glad to be able to feel the tf10's sound again, thanks Null Audio!

Helpful and responsive

The staff are helpful and responsive towards our queries.

Nice IEM cable

Null had oversold the cable I was trying to buy so they gave me sidegrade/upgrade for the cable. Good price for a nice cable.

Cyber Monday UIEM/CIEM Demo Sale
Great product

most valued purchase in 2018!

Exactly what I’ve been looking for!

The Lune Cable is extremely well made. It replaced my worn cable on an old pair of UE triple fi’s and made them seem new again. The box the cable arrived it was a pleasant surprise and the entire presentation of the total package was excellent!

Very Good for the Price

I purchased one with MMCX connectors and I haven’t had any issues with it. The convenience is amazing, and it seems much sturdier than the $9 adapter Apple makes you purchase. The quoted battery drain is negligible, and it sounds pretty great, a bit warmer than what I was expecting but otherwise good. One note of caution, when you’re updating the firmware via the app, DO NOT disconnect the cable, because it will stop working until the firmware is successfully updated.

Nice little amp

This amp is warm. Has a basey kick to it. The usbc has been a double edgeed sword for me. On one no more dangle, the the other, however, I cannot charge my phone while listening. Would be awesome if Null can put a 3.5 female between the earbuds connector and the dac.

Arrived quickly, great quality, couldn’t ask for more

Great product

Works well and has great build quality would recommend!


Very good and high quality cable. Looks and feel robust yet very silky and soft. Soundwise, they are a definite upgrade from standard cable. No regrets

AAW 500 CIEM Demo

Beautiful and comfortable headphones. Very detailed and rich sound. Headphones are very smooth in sound. Butt joints, as in hybrids, are completely silent.

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AAW W500

Very detailed and rich sound. Headphones are very smooth in sound. Butt joints, as in hybrids, are completely silent.

Great sound

Great sound, really enjoying mine. Wish they had a in-line module to 3.5mm. Mic sounds really clear, also.


I have a couple of these, a 2 pin and mmcx and they sound great

Great sound and build quality

The woven wires are much better quality compared to the v3 I used to own. Less tangling and more comfort. Sound is still as good as usual.

The best product and service that you will ever receive

The cables arrived in a timely manner. Very professionaly created. They look great and behave great. The do not get tangled. I am very pleased

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