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It's better than the stock cables

Beautiful cable

The cable that I bought was the previous version of this one. The Vitesse cable is beautiful in color and texture. But most importantly the sound quality is a great upgrade without questions. I definitively recommend this cable.


It was a great job as usual👍 but i hope the reshelled included cable could be of better quality😊

Arete Series MKIII Premium Upgrade

So far so good! Collection was prompt and so far the product has been stellar.

Great Service

Item was perfect and came in a great case which was unexpected. Would definitely recommend.

Fantastic cable - expertly made.

I recently bought the "Arete Series MKIII Premium Upgrade Cable For Earphones" cable and can happily say that it was well worth the money I paid. As an additional benefit; although my Shure iOS/Android cable doesn't work properly with my Fiio player, this cable's remote works fully - all buttons including volume work, which is fantastic (and also the only thing that was missing from the Shure cable I have as that one doesn't allow for volume adjustment on the Fiio even set in Android mode).

Excellent little case

It is well built, sturdy enough to protect your IEM's in a packed bag (don't let the "soft" in the title detract you) and its design is great, very stylish! It will fit any pair of IEM's if they're not ridiculously large.

Premium indeed

The cable is very well built, seems tough, is supple, not microphonic and, on top of all, looks great! It also comes in a spectacular package, including a very handy and fancy looking case, which may be too large for everyday usage but is definitely useful for longer trips to take your IEM, tips and a player along.
The only negative point in my experience is that I did ask for an angled 3.5mm connector and instead got a straight connector. This makes it uncomfortable to pocket the player and is bound to deteriorate the cable faster as it suffers more strain. Still, the cable itself is top notch and an easy 5* rating.

Very Good! Best Quality!

I’ve never seen before this null-audio lune cable.
Good material and Best Quality! I recommend this cable!

Very Good Cable

If you are a dedicated HiFi Audio fan who love ACG music or female vocal, I believe you could realize how the cable could improve the sound field and sound separation. Most importantly, the deep bass does not compromise the clarity of female vocal. Finally, it also improves the response rate of certain high pitch sound, as well as shad about 70% of the tooth sound of my earphone. I expect the higher performance of the cable when I use the balanced output of my Sony NW-WM1Z Player that has not yet arrived. Overall, the cable is expensive but I think it is worth to pay.

Needle in Haystack

The Sennheiser IE80s are great headphones, but only come with an analog connector. Null Audio's Lightning cable for the iPhone contains a better DAC than Apple's Dongle and is a much nicer Quality than the original cables. 100% recommended.

Nifty addition for great music

Definite upgrade over the standard Apple Lightning to 3.5mm dongle to ensure great music quality out of your iphones.

Ordered these to replace the stock cables for my Massdrop Plus IEMS. There was an issue with stock of the 2-pin connectors for this cable. Support were super-quick to rectify the issue and come up with an excellent resolution.

Very happy with the purchase.

Thank You!

Powerful bass and excellent craftsmanship!

Bass is powerful and fun.
Mid and treble are very natural.
Furthermore, the shell is superior quality, so it’s great value for money!

Lune Series

Nice cable, well made!

Real upgrade for my IEMs

Great sounding cable, real improvement for my IEMs. Perfect build , package, shipping from great seller. Would buy again.

Good sound

I have lune MKV. It is better than old version.

Great sound but comfort leaves a bit to be desired

Got the lune mk v as an upgrade from the lune mk lll,the sound definately got better,treble is now stronger and sharper and bass seems tighter,soundstage seems to have improved as well,overall definately an upgrade from the mk lll however,the lack of ability to customize the cable sleeves is a bit dissapointing,maybe im just now used to the new sleeves but i wish there were more options like before

soft and great sounding cable

I was surprised with how elegant the cable is when the moment I opened the box. The cable was handmade with very high quality components: great cable, nice looking 2-pin connector, Y-splitter and 2.5mm balanced connector. It is a very soft cable, which met my expectation. I paired it with my Heir Audio 4.Ai S, and it really improves the treble and wider sound stage. Same thing happened when I used it with my UE TF10. It came with a leather-like box, which is able to fit my DAP and IEM on the go. Love the cable very much!

Premium Cable

The cable came well packaged. It's sleek and very high quality. The mic is of great quality as well.

definitely better than original

I bought the null audio cables to replace my stock shura se210 cables. night and day difference. the null quality is much better and the ear-fit is much more comfortable and doesn’t use a wire frame. only complaint is that it seems to twist toward the bottom near the 3.5mm end pretty easily (even just in and out of pocket use) and i’m already starting to have issues with audio cutting.

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