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See what other customers are talking about our product and service. All reviews are from actual buyers and we even kept the ones that are saying not so nice things, just to keep it objective and we know where to improve upon, enjoy:p
Based on 2509 reviews
Very Cool

Very powerful and best sound quality cable


I listen to HD jazz & classical music using a Luxury & Precision P6 Pro DAP with Cosmic Ears CE6P IEMs. I purchased the AAW Thera MKII UP-OCC Cryo Silver IEM cable as an upgrade of a cable from a major manufacturer that costs about half the price of the AAW Thera. I’ve been listening for about 25 hours so the cable is most likely not burnt in fully.

I’m extremely pleased with my purchase. As other reviewers have pointed out these cables are a stunning work of art, manufactured to the highest standards. I opted for the herringbone 8 braided configuration and although they are heavier than a conventional cable I’ve found them to be perfectly comfortable listening to music when seated.

The sound is supremely better than my original cables. The sound stage is wide and holographic with excellent separation of individual instruments in pieces ranging from orchestral music to small jazz groups. In a cacophony of orchestral percussion and brass a single wind instrument resolves with absolute precision and detail. I suspected that the Null audio cable would release greater depth, clarity, precision and detail from my music collection given the quality of the DAP and IEMs and I am not disappointed. They are superb to the extent that I have to listen to my entire music collection again and am constantly astonished to hear detail and nuances that I had not been aware of before. Thank you Null Audio.


You can feel a fantastic change in sound quality by replacing the cable.

Lune canle

Great cable compliments my Audeze i4 very well

Good cable!! Lune MK7!!

The thickness of the core increased compared to MK6, and the actual covering became thinner. So compact!!
As expected, the sound makes the mid-pitched range alive, and MK6's high-pitched notes seem to have cleared up.

Good tiny DAC Amp

Provides enough power for my 60 ohm headphones.

This is the best!

As per the advance notice, they made it within a week after the Black Friday crowds. So, it was delivered to me within 2021. I was so happy.
First I tried it with Campfire Audio's Equinox. The resolution was high, the localization was clear, and the sound field sounded wide left to right and deep. And the fact that it made the tone sound better was my greatest joy.
I also tried it with the FitEar DC via the "mmcx to FitEar" connector. The degree of compatibility is not as good as the Equinox, but it was one of the top-ranked cables I've tried.
It is softly made and very easy to use.
I requested that I not need ear guides when ordering. I'm glad they complied with that request and I find it easy to use.

satisfied with the cable quality

I could feel a clearer sound than the basic cable.

great cable for premium iems

It instantly changed sound on my Audeze Euclid. Wider sound stage with detailed mids and bass. I love it.

great !!!!!

I use the dap with nw-wm1a and iem with ue live. Anyway, the localization and separation of the sound is great.

Great value and build quality

Changed to Ethos cable after my faulty stock cable. Have an obvious improvement to sound quality, while being affordable. Recommended!

Nyx BT5 Wireless In-Ear Monitor Cable
Janan L. (Singapore, SG)
Nyx BT5 Wireless In-Ear Monitor Cable

Bought this product as a supplementary cable for commuting for increased convenience. I am impressed with this product as it allows me to use my CIEMs semi-wirelessly, something that was not previously possible.

Nyx BT5 Wireless In-Ear Monitor Cable
Sardor O. (Singapore, SG)
Excellent wireless cable

Sound quality and battery life are excellent. My only nitpick is that it talks to me in Chinese.

ASH Universal In-Ear Monitor
sieu n. (Houston, US)
Good IEM

Deep Bass more detail thanks Null audio

well made cable

Upgrades the sound of the ie300.

High quality cable

More warm and clearer sound. I love this cable!

Good Sound

BassFlowControl is very useful. It's good to be able to try different things so that you don't get bored with the sound.

AAW Aoraki

Great separation and clarity. Really brings out hidden elements in tracks. Well balanced with great lows and highs

AAW Thera MKII - Amazing Build Quality, Incredible Sound

I’ve never believed that cables make any difference in sound. I have several cables in the past, all of which different quality in copper and to me, it sounded the same. I wanted to try whether or not silver makes any difference. I ended up here at Null Audio, ordered the Thera MKII and added the herringbone upgrade. As soon as it came in, I connected it straight to my Empire Ears Legend EVO IEM. For those that don’t know about this IEM, it is a hybrid configuration with a Bone Conduction driver, two dynamic drivers and 5 balanced armatures. This IEM is a BASS CANNON, which slightly recesses the treble. I love the performance but always wished that there was a bit more bite to the treble frequencies. I’ve noticed with this cable, the soundstage is much wider now along with adding a bit of sparkle on the top end. Just enough to make this my endgame. It also smooths out the bass which for some songs can be too much. The build quality and materials of this cable rivals cables that cost twice to three times more than it. I’m very happy that I came across Null Audio and purchased this cable. You will not regret your purchase here. If you’re looking for a little more sparkle in your top end and a wider soundstage, please consider purchasing the AAW Thera. It is a bit heavier due to the herringbone upgrade, so if you want a lighter cable, don’t opt for that upgrade.

this awesome gorgeous cable!!

This is my second Null Audio cable for my 64 IEM. I've tried other brands, but I ended up with Null Audio cable for its superior quality. Personally, it helps with natural mid range sound, and smooth higher range. Of course the aesthetic is the second to none.

upgrade for IE300

yes it is sure that this cable upgrade sound of sennheiser IE300. it is perfect fit for IE300.

My wish

All the cables that I bought from Null Audio was really good a premium but I which you guys can do black color as it most commonly use


There has been an improvement in sound quality since purchase and I am satisfied with the quality and condition. I like the sound quality.

Perfect fit with my Etymotic ER 4SR

The cable is nicely crafted and the etymotic-specific MMCX connectors fit very good for my ER 4SR. Sound is detailed and clear. However, I'm cannot judge whether it is better than with the original cables.

I bought this for HD800S

I was looking for a shorter cable because the original cable was too long I heard that this is just right for HD800S and bought it. I am very happy with this