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Great cable

Cable looks and feels great especially the black part below the split. No significant tonality changes noticed. The 2.5mm connector is slightly tilted but doesn't effect the connection.

Excellent product

I am very pleased with the cables

Great earphones!

These are the best earphones I have tried in the last ten years. Sound is crispy clear, lots of detail. Bass is fine but could be improved.

All Is Well

I am just revisiting after some time breaking my equipment in.
I still think these cables are an incredible deal for the money! Quality is still great and the sound is even better now that it has had time to settle in. My original review stands, great sound and quality and a great price on the Ethos MkIII.

Great cable, minor issue with ER4PT IEMs

The cable build quality is fantastic – supple, soft cable, that feels durable and looks great. The inline remote works very well, and the softness of the cable even reduced the microphonics significantly (the stock cable had horrible microphonics). The only minor issue I’ve run into is that this cable changed the sound signature on my Etymotic ER4PT headphones – I think this is because the stock cable has an inline resistor that isn’t present on the Ethos MKIII. The earphones still sound great, just different from the stock sound. I may make an adapter with the appropriate resistor in order to restore the original sound signature.

Clean and balanced Sound with Hefty Bass

I only have had the M5-5Ds for about a week so this writing is more of a quick impression rather than review.

Sound Quality:
Bass and the soundstage are the first things I have noticed. The bass is deep and punchy. Although they sometimes sounded a little loose at very low frequency. The soundstage is not particularly wide but the layering and separation are quite impressive.

The mids sounded quite natural and balanced. They are not recessed. The treble is clear and smooth. Although I wish there could be a little more sparkles.

The fit:
The shells are on the larger side. They do fit comfortably but may cause sore spots after a couple of hours.

Built Quality & Packaging:
The M5-5Ds feel very solid. The cables (2 of them) came with the earphones have good quality. Six pairs of ear tips were included. But I got better fit with Spinfit tips. I also like the large leather storage box.

Additional thoughts:
I would only give 4-star if these were sold at the suggested retail price. But with the significant discount from Null Audio, these M5-5Ds provided great value for the money.

Great workmanship, great service.

Beautiful cable. High quality workmanship. Great service - when the one initially installed didn't fit my headphones, they sourced for and changed it out at no extra charge. Very pleased with purchase.

All ok

Good quality, good contact. Recommended.

Lune Series MKVI

I bought this cable with an inline mic. I have been told that the quality of my voice sounds good and is clear sounding. The build of the handcrafted cable is top notch, beginning with the Velcro strap all the way to the connectors. The weave of the wire is perfect and not lose or too tight. The packaging and blue case is excellent and really a great bonus to the purchase. I do wish they had the terminals in other colors, to replace the rose gold and to better color match to different IEMs. I received my new cable the same time I received my Tin T4, and immediately replaced the stock cable, so I have no sound comparison between the stock cable and Null cable. The build comparison makes Null the hands down winner. The Lune cable is also the winner over the stock Shouer Tape IEMs cable, and Tripowin aftermarket cable (although the price difference plays a role). Overall with the ability to add an inline mic it makes these a great buy.


Very good.

Are series cable

I just recieved my cables, the quality is excellent and I really like the way they feel over my ears. Thank you so much for the high quality cables, I will purchase again.

A little bright but fantastic none the less

With the drama going around the adv sound and aaw it meant I got to try out some $600 dollar iems for a rather amazing price. They have quite the high spike in the 6-8k region but the bass is sweet and impactful and the detail retrieval is fantasic. Sound close to a buddies older aaw axh. Great aaw sound. Shame adv sound dipped on paying aaw but I appreciate the discount none the less. Hopefully aaw gets some money out of adv sound!

Very good sound Quality

Very good sound Quality

Excellent cable

Though it took 3 months to get hime, this is one of the best cables I've ever had the pleasure of trying out. Absolutely recommended.

Great silver cable

This cable is just amazing. Very clear trebles and the soundstage is even better.

Reshell of Kaiser 10 universal

Excellent service provided, from advise to select colors to ear-impression to ordering process. Received CiEMs in about 5 weeks later.

Unfortunately, reshell of right side needed to be adjusted (common issue I have had with all customs). Again, customer service is excellent.

Highly recommended.

Great sound!

Neat sound. Overall very satisfied. Great service.

Impressive quality for a great price!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered this cable but I am pleasantly surprised! The cable itself is well made and the machined parts are very nice. I am actually still putting hours in on the cable so, my review of the sound is partly incomplete.
From the start I noticed that these cables produced good sound with various types of music that I tried out. The sound is far better than the stock cable that I was using which was a 3.5mm single ended. Then to a 2.5 balanced cable that was extremely cheap. Finally to the Ethos MKIII Null Audio cable. The Ethos blew them all away. Dramatic difference between the different cables, the Ethos with the best sound of all. Defiantly more detail and better separation between the bass and the mid range, no mud. Imaging may be improved…. I need to break in both my A&K Khan and the cable to figure out which is responsible for what. But my initial opinion is that I definitely got more than I paid from Null Audio. I plan to purchase from them again.



Well-tuned single dynamic iem

Slightly warm sounding iem with a nice soundstage.


Fitting and sound are excellent as expected. Thank you for giving an opportunity to have it by discounted price.

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