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See what other customers are talking about our product and service. All reviews are from actual buyers and we even kept the ones that are saying not so nice things, just to keep it objective and we know where to improve upon, enjoy:p
Based on 2807 reviews
An absolute upgrade from the previous version (ethos MKV)

Worth buying in every aspect such as design, fitting, sound and price.
Perfectly matched with IE600, better than the previous MKV.
NA, pls keep making cables like this

Really well made for the price

The connection between the wire and the mmcx is very very secure and it fits perfectly on my IE600 no loose parts at all. The wire is slightly angled on the mmcx to naturally loop behind your ear. I've bought other 3rd party cables for my iem and nothing has come close to NA's attention to detail

Earphone Reshell Service by AAW
Victor H.H. (Manchester, US)
Reshell of Westone W60’s

Null did an awesome job with the reshell of my W60’s. Solid work and what a big difference using these acrylic molds instead of foam inserts, great job Null!

Seems to be worth the price

Purchased as a replacement for the default Sennheiser IE300 cable, that was starting to cause issues. My first impressions after the first 2 weeks of daily use are very positive so far.

Iinital installation was a bit scary, because the connectors require a lot more force to be pushed in compared to the default ones.

It also came with a nice bag and a ownership card

nice cable & support

iem cable much better than stock and a return shipment of a mistaken order on my side was no problem to handle and refund. cheers

Fits Sennheiser IE600 well.

I bought this cable with the Sennheiser connections, because I have a Sennheiser IE600 IEM. My main priority with this purchase was a good fit with my IE600, because the IEM uses a slightly different MMCX connector. I have never spent this much money on a cable before, but options are limited for the IE600, so I decided to take the plunge.

The Ethos cable I received fits my IE600 perfectly. It is more snug than the original cable that was included by Sennheiser. If you are looking for an IE600 cable that fits, I can confirm that this one worked for me. I am giving this cable 5 stars because it does exactly what I bought it for.

Other things I can say is that the cable feels nice and thick, it does not tangle, and it is pleasing to handle. The white color is attractive.

Not cable-related, but Null audio sent the cable in a nice leatherette case. The leatherette case was inside of a nice embossed cardboard box. I now use the cardboard box to store my IE600s (perfect size). I use the leatherette case to store a different pair of earbuds. In other words, the packaging and unboxing was very nice.

For reference, here is exactly what I ordered:
1x Ethos Series MKVI Premium Upgrade Cable for Headphone | IEM for $0.00 USD each Headphone Connection: Sennheiser IE300/600/900
Stereo Connection: NL4 Rosegold 3.5

Excellent cables

These are amazing cables that I have ordered and I have observed an improvement in the sound quality on my HiFiMan Sundara headphones.

Ethos series MKVI

Genuinely one of the best cables I have used for the ie900. Originally had issues with treble peaks and just overall harsh treble for the ie900. Ethos VI completely fixed that for me, and added a tone of excitement to the pair.

worth the money

Null Audio won't fail you.

Premium Interconnect Cable for customization
Christopher F. (Dallas, US)
Excellent interconnect

I recently purchased a 4.4 mm male to 4.4 female interconnect and as a bonus surprise Null Audio upgraded it to an 8 wire copper the same as the 8 wire Tiburon I had purchased in the past. This is a wonderful sounding interconnect that is warm with accentuated bass without sacrificing details. As always the workmanship is top notch and unsirpassed for the price in my opinion.

Null Audio Aoraki Mll iem cable

This is the second cable I have purchased from Null Audio, the first was a massive improvement over the O/E that was supplied with the iem's, the Aoraki is a game changer. In real terms I've only had a limited amount of listening time with the new cable compared to 3 years with the previous one, the difference is incredible, it's more musical, the sound staging sounds wider than before, it's another level, I'm delighted with the purchase and cannot wait to enjoy it more.

Would recommend

Cable looks and feels great. Would buy it again.

Symphonym - Thera MKIII

The service and response from Null Audio was very prompt attending to my product queries. This had enabled me to place the order for the Thera cable. Delivery was also very fast.

I enjoyed the Thera sliver pairing with the Hifiman HE1000. The highs and timbre are airy, coupled with a good mid texture. Bass is well controlled with right amount of slams. This is a good cable punching above its price.

Tiburon MKIII UP-OCC Cryo Copper Headphone/IEM Cabl

I've finally come around to write my review for this great cable after having used it extensively for more than a month. I bought this cable as a replacement for the stock cable of my Sennheiser IE 900. While I really like most of Sennheiser's products, I've always found their stock cables a bit lacking. This was true for my HD 800 and applies to the IE 900 as well. I've bought other cables from NA in the past, namely the Lune MK V, which I use with my Shure SE846 and really enjoy. I can say the same thing now about the Tiburon. The body and layering seems much fuller and the sound staging is slightly improved as well. I can only recommend this cable.

Ethos Series MKVI Premium Upgrade Cable for Headphone

Fantastic IEM cable, a great improvement for my Sennheiser IE 300's. Easy purchase and excellent customer service.

Thank you.

Ethos Series MKVI Premium Cable for IE900

Beautiful cable. Support where very helpful as I wanted a custom 140cm cable for desk use. Beautiful sound & build quality. Highly recommend.

Perfect Replacment

Great price point for a cable this is just better than the stock one. The ear hooks are more comfortable and adjustable, the cable is overall less microphonic and I feel it does give just the right life to the sound of your IEM. I ran into some issues that ended up being my IEM manufacturers fault but Null was ready to step in and send me a new cable. Great quality cable and company.

Excellent detail and ergonomics

Paired well with my UM MEST Mk I, kept the highs without sacrificing much of the bass. Ergonomics of the cable are exceptional, the most comfortable and also easy to keep, as expected of any Null Audio product!

Best cable ever

This is one of the best cable that i have ever seen or held in hand, how it feels in hand, and the quality of how it’s been made feels so premium, even the sound quality has improved, a total “go for” every time when it is about null audio

Epsilon Series Premium Upgrade Cable for Headphone

Hello, first of all, thank you very much for your work! All redy IEM Sennheiser IE900 it's amazing IEM and now with your cable, every thing i'ts fabulous! Thank you again. I will buy a Epsilon balanced 4.4mm for IE900 soon.

Ethos Series MKV Premium Upgrade Cable for Headphone | IEM

Ordered the cable and received it in about 6 days to the US, great customer service and commitment to deliver their items in a timely manner. The cable is of great quality and miles ahead of what the manufacturer provides and made my IE600’s sound a little bit better. All in all a great experience and will definitely order more in the future should the need arise.

Awesome Cable

Purchased this for my ie600s. The mmcx connections fit nice and snug, much better than the stock cable and no microphonics.

Great Upgrade

My Sennheiser IE 600 stock cables had connection issues. This fits snugly and feels really premium. Worth the money!

Well-made compact cable!

Overall, this is the best cable I've ever purchased.

Great audio cable

The workmanship is good. I’ve never seen any flaw or problem with the cable i purchased. Keep up the good work.