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Lune Series MKV Premium Is awesome

the Cable came packed in a lovely leather case
Sound quality is amazing
My jp13 pro sound just went to another level
Great effort guys

Great cable at great price!

You will not see another 8-stranded silver cable at this price anywhere else!!

Fit like a glove

Prior to ordering I was told that as my IEM has a smooth surface, the sleeve might slip out if I'm not careful, pleased to say that that didn't happened and I have much better sound isolation,sound-stage felt deeper that almost equivalent to a CIEM itself. Never really regret this purchase :)

Excellent cable, no complaints!

Made excellently, sounds excellent, great to use with my collection of IEMs.


Been listening to the TIBURON UP-OCC CRYO COPPER cable for the last 4-5 hours now,since i purchased...with my Focal Elex's.
Well its a little heavier than expected but no worries, quality is great...and elevated my headphones sound quite a lot. I cant say if the details are better but at least same.The whole sound has "expanded", became warmer at highs, feels more "full" and the bass is stronger and fuller also. I am not a basshead at all but i appreciate the punch. Soundstage went 360 degrees. I think instrument separation is better also from stock cable. I now enjoy EDM much better. Other genges also are more enjoyable due to fuller sound.
Good purchase. I wish the cable was a little longer though.
Thanks N-A!

Awesome DAC! Can finally charge and listen!

Audio quality is great and I can finally charge my phone while I listen!

Great value

Fantastic cable for the price. I really like the ergonmics of the cable. Good length, weight, tangle resistance and low microphonics. Looks and sounds great.

Great cable

I would say that this is a more rubust cable than past generetion. And looks great

The cable was fantastic quality and looks much more durable than the stock cable provided. Got it customized as per my liking and customer case service was awesome

Enhance high-resolution reproduction

Ordered the ETHOS PLUS with A2DC connectors and In-line mic/volume control to replace my original cable of my Audio-Technica ATH-CKR90iS.
I love this upgrade as it improve the mids of my old IEM.

Awesome earphone cable!

The cable is very good for me. Thanks to it, my DAP has been advanced its sound quility. Thanks!

good & reliable service

received order in a week, premium quality cable came with an unexpected leather case

AAW W900

I received this IEM 3 weeks ago. Its sound is purely fantastic. Sound signature is quite coherent and detailed, but absolutely inoffensive.

Lune Series MKV Premium Upgrade Cable for Headphone | IEM

Great cable and service

The cable was fantastic quality and looks much more durable than the stock cable provided. I can see myself using this for years.

Great sound

Product arrived very quickly, and works great. The IPX connectors are a perfect fit on my UE IEMs, and the sound from the DAC has great depth. The mic is good for phone calls and having controls on the cable is very handy. Definitely recommended.

Best cable ever.

This cable is quality. The connectors fit snugly in my iems, and the angle connector is solid.

Lunar wire

Been good so far used it for a month

Arete cable

Great construction and sound. Using with Massdrop +

Change the sound on my ATH-IM03 & Amazed by the quality of the cable

Initially was using another customized cable from an online store. Was not satisfied with the sound quality after using it for 2 years. It does seems like the cable lack the bass I need for my music. I am quite surprised that the Lune cable gave more bass and I do notice that I can hear more instruments as well in my music. Lastly, the cable is light and is so much comfortable to wear it for hours.

Awesome IEMs

Used it for the last 3 years; wonderful for both on stage monitoring and off stage casual listening. Love them!


Came from an 11 year old UE10 TripleFi with the Lune Mark V cable. These have a very different sound signature. Soundstage is definitely clearer and instrument separation is in another league. These don't need that much help from an equalizer like my UE10. This is a keeper and feels (as it sounds) very high quality in your hands.

Excellent Cable

Basically perfect build quality, it fits very well with my RE2000. Both base and high frequency get significant improvement. It also enlarges the soundstage quite a bit.

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