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Brevity S 5N CGOCC-A Copper Earphone Cable for Massdrop Plus

A2H Pro V2

These look, fit, and sound great. Was happy to get a great pair of IEMs at a bargin price with this sale. I also got an Arete Series MKIII Premium Upgrade Cable with black and red wiring and it is fantastic.

Trustworthy connectors

Second time ordering these, and I really love the quality of these connectors, they've been pretty great thus far. Delivery was as quick as it was for my first order. :)

Advanced AcousticWerkes A3H Triple Driver Hybrid Custom In-Ear Monitor

Sounds great, seems sturdy for how light it is

Great cable, easy to walk around with.

Lune Series MKV Premium Upgrade Cable for Headphone | IEM

I love the new cable! It fits so perfectly, and I think it sounds even better after an upgrade from the LUNE MKIII. Thank you NA for the awesome cable!!

1 x Arete Series MKIII Premium Upgrade Cable For Earphones

workmanship is good and the sound quality is clearer. customer service need to be improved as you said you will message me when the cable is ready, but I did not received any news till I email and ask for.

Great cable, alot better (more comfortable) than the cable provided by Shure that came with the headphones.

Awesome cable

Minimal microphonics. Love the cable!

Best midrange

I revice the iem two week ago first I break in for two days the sound very smooth but need more bass if use the phone amp more better sound field really 3D
Suggestion this iem if your iem use phone amp the result will increase 15-20%

Very good

Each new upgrade gets better


Using this cable with Campfire Audio Lyra II IEMs. It is terminated with 2.5mm balanced and now I am going to order another set with 4.4mm balanced. NA make good cables!

Major upgrade from stock cable - oh, and great customer service!

Loving my Arete MKIII cable. I'm a noob audiophile but this has made (IMO) a big difference to the sound from my DAP and IEMs. Neutral but better! The build quality and customer service from Null Audio are great. My cable is MMCX / 3.5mm and I am very happy - MMCX / 2.5mm balanced on the way?...

Advanced AcousticWerkes A3H Triple Driver Hybrid Custom In-Ear Monitor

Earphone Reshell Service by AAW

Fitting is good.

Lune Series MKV Premium

Great cables made with degree of quality you would expect at these prices.
NULL were super quick to deliver. Had the cables within 3-4 days!!

The best entry-level CIEM

Extremely satisfied with the purchase. Packaging itself could be better as the AAW box needed extra effort to remove from the cardboard box. But that’s just the box. The A2H itself sounds incredible. The workmanship was excellent and the lead time was much shorter than advertised. Would highly recommend this for newbies diving into the world of CIEM. Spend the extra bucks and go with the A2H instead of the A1D.

Solid IEMs

Fantastic sounding IEMs at a great price. Great cables too, that I can use with my other IEMs, too.

Capri USB-C

Really good cable for phones which don't have a headphone jack

The connecter doesn’t fit tight

I FB message your page and was told to choose the audio Technica IEM connecter.

It does fit but it very loose and drop out easily. My IEM is a custom Mold from null audio


Very well made. It's a must have symetric cable. Give an outstanding listening sensation.

Awesome Adapter

Well built, convenient SE to TRRS converter.
Highly recommended especially for those who also purchased one of the balanced cables.

Brevity S 5N CGOCC-A Copper Earphone Cable

Lune mkV

Much better than mklll. Easy to handle and the sound is good as always.

Brevity S 5N CGOCC-A Copper Earphone Cable

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