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See what other customers are talking about our product and service. All reviews are from actual buyers and we even kept the ones that are saying not so nice things, just to keep it objective and we know where to improve upon, enjoy:p
Based on 2681 reviews
Excellent cable, astounding value!

Having purchased a couple of Null Audio cables for my other IEMs, I was looking for a budget option to replace the stock cable for my IE-200. I thought I was going to get a so-so product but the clear mids and highs, the matte black finish and the simply excellent accessories in the package are simply unbeatable.

Great cable upgrade from stock IE600 cable!

Cable feels great, much more well behaved compared to the stock cable. MMCX connection is nice and tight as well. Great job NA! 👍

Null Audio Custom Cable

High quality product and packaging. Flawless.

Hidden Gems

A3H+ Lux CIEM was an excellent choice in that price range. These are hidden gems, and can out perform some of the well know brands. The custom shell and fit took approximately 8 weeks to complete, and around 4 days to receive in the USA.
The A3H+ Lux sound can bounce between 'neutral/cold' and 'neutral/warm' depending on the media you are listening to. It has an impressive low end, crisp vocals/mids and highs. All detailed and articulate.
The bass is punchy with emphasis on the mid bass as opposed to Sub Bass/Deep Bass (IMO). The bass hits nicely and powerful. it's crisp and accentuates the track without mudding the mids or vocals.
The soundstage is airy and a bit narrow, which for me is perfect. I find that too much air can result in a hollow sounding experience with some distortion. The vocals are clear and detailed. I would say that the
A3H+ Lux has a V shaped sound signature, balanced and accurate.
These have a spectacular three-dimensional sense of separation. Meaning... you can hear every instrument being played as it moves all around you while separate from the mids/vocals.
The A3H+ Lux also comes with 4 signature sound settings that you can adjust to your liking. (Vocal, Normal, Vocal +, and Bass)
*This IEM does not do well with bass boosted tracks. If you prefer majority of bass boosted music, these aren't the ears for you.
The A3H+ Lux is a versatile IEM.. meaning - (depending on your DAPs power/ and settings) you can tweak the vocals by moving them to the front of the soundstage or bring the vocals to the middle of the soundstage and let the music encase the vocals.
SubBass /Mid Bass is great, but I wish they would hit a little harder in the deep bass range. I have yet to find an IEM that can successfully pull it off.
A side note to AAW- please make an IEM that can render rumbling Deep bass while maintaining that wonderful upper/mids/vocal clarity.

Highly recommended

Both the build quality and sound quality of the product are excellent. It upgrades the ie900 without compromising its character. It is lightweight and suitable for outdoor use. Highly recommended.

Brevity Pro 5N CGOCC-A Copper Earphone Cable
Christopher G. (Colorado Springs, US)
Perfect IE 600 cable

I recently purchased the Sennheiser IE 600 and found the stock cable to be lacking, especially for a high-end IEM. The Brevity Pro fron Null Audio is a fantastic replacement! It is quite soft, not microphonic and the connectors are a perfect fit.

the highest satisfaction


Excellent and good quality

I have purchased this cable to use with AUDEZE Euclid. It is perfect fit to it. Sound is good and also the black color is really good.

High quality replacement cable for IE600

I've been pleased with the look and feel of the Epsilon cable for my IE600. It is less microphonic than the cable that shipped with the headphones and has a much sturdier connection to the IEMs than the stock cable, which had been prone to shorting out when I moved my head. Sound quality is excellent, though I'm not sure about the particular advantages there versus the original, given that my original OEM cable may have been faulty. Overall, it is extremely comfortable, not microphonic, sturdy, and premium in fit and finish in all areas. This was my first purchase from Null Audio, and I am quite pleased. I am very likely to order from them in the future. Highly recommended!

Fantasic quality

The case was delivered quickly and quality was fantastic. Looks clean and simple.

Amazing partner of IE600

Luna MKVII unleashes the potential of IE600, highly recommend!!

Better than the stock cables for Sennheiser IE 300

Highly recommended for Sennheiser IE 300: better fit, great sound quality.

P.S: An additionnal fee for customs duties / import tax purposes should be expected depending on your country.

Great Cable for Sennheiser IE series.

I use these on my sennheiser ie300 iems and this makes them infinitely more usable. This cable is far superior to the original cable. It is flexible, does not hold memory and is not microphonic. Highly recommended.

Audio Technica ATH-LS 300iS with Lune cable and 4.4mm Balance Connector

Sounds so much better than stock cable that came with earphones. Separation and clarity is excellent.

Powerful low range and clear mid-highs

It brings me powerful bass due to the use of copper cables and clear high range due to the use of silver cables

Great cable

The low range is powerful and the bass sound can be heard clearly

Brevity Pro 5N CGOCC-A Copper Earphone Cable

Ethos Series MKV Premium Upgrade Cable for Headphone | IEM

Tiburon MKIII UP-OCC Cryo Copper IEM Cable

With the cable, the music and song are having dead quiet background, better separation, smoother and warm. It made listening to the IEM interesting. I like it very much.

Excellent IEM

I purchased the Project 4+2 and am very pleased with the IEMs. The audio is natural neither warm or cool. The separation is exceptional. It expands into the existing surround sound by allowing sounds to be interpreted as three-dimensional with neither horizontal, nor vertical limitation.
It comes with 3 sound customizable sound filters (normal, Vokal, and bass)
The bass is powerful but not overwhelming nor does interfere with the mids or vocals. It completes the audio making the audio sound full without fatiguing your senses.
This IEM produces accurate sound allowing the audio/music to be heard as the producer intended. If you want an accurate IEM this is the IEM to go with.

AAW ATH 6-Driver Hybrid Custom In-Ear Monitor
Takuya M. (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
Sounds great, but needed refit

Sounds great as expected.
However, I had a fitting issue on my right earphone.
Requested for refit, and still waiting to be returned.

Glad this exists

Does the job for the price point. Can improve the mic with post processing. No noticeable noise for when used with the sound blaster g6. Only mic combo I found in the market so I recommend for anyone using IEMs for gaming.

An upgrade in every feature, a tier above in every detail.

Perfect fit for the IE300/600s, far better connection lock than the original OEM cable (no looseness) and I can now fully use a 4.4mm balanced output jack - truly brings the IEMs to life. Just by that, it's worth it, it really is. But then the details: fantastic build, premium quality on every component and looks great. Cable is comfortable, doesn't twist or tangle or even grip on clothing. Ordered and received across half the planet in half the expected lead time. Congrats NA!

Sound and design is nice

Very nice.

Fits perfectly, excellent sound

I ordered this cable for my Etymotic ER4-SR. As usual the product from Null Audio has excellent quality and sound. Highly recommented