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See what other customers are talking about our product and service. All reviews are from actual buyers and we even kept the ones that are saying not so nice things, just to keep it objective and we know where to improve upon, enjoy:p
Based on 2620 reviews
Great replacement cables

An extremely good replacement for the OEM cables on my SE215 IEMs. Little to no noise and not prone to tangling

Not working.

Arrived today and a few days to travel across the entirety of Europe of what I'd consider promptly, but with one issue. I have it plugged in right now to my FLAC player, it doesn't work. I tried it with my phone, it plays for around a second before switching to phone speakers.

No problem, I thought to myself. It's a gaming peripheral, so it will work for console. So I plugged it into my PS5 controller and- nothing. Perhaps the PS5 has yet to receive an update to recognize certain cables like the PS4. So I boot up my trust Ps4, plugin into the controller and still, nothing.
So I ask my neighbor if I can try it with his Xbox One, yeah, as expected at this point, nothing.

I'm not sure if this is an issue with the product itself, or the rough handling of couriers.

On the other hand, it arrived as a premium unboxing experience with a pleasing to the touch outter cardboard shell, complete with a leather wallet containing the product itself.
A nice touch, I thought.

Solid quality as always

This is my third purchase, fast shipping, solid build quality and beautiful sound it produces.

cable is what it is worth

Cable is what it is worth and sound is perfect

Game Changer - Symphonym - Aoraki MKII Platinum Core Tri-Hybrid Headphone/IEM Cable

My experience with Null Audio is limited, as I've only purchased one product. However, that product, the Symphonym - Aoraki MKII Platinum Core Tri-Hybrid Headphone/IEM Cable, is the perfect compliment to my Empire Ears Evo Legend IEMs. The IEMs came with a high quality 4mm cable; so I knew had to be selective if I wanted similar performance in 3.5mm. What I got is not similar, it's much better. I know, people will say how much difference can a cable make? The cable makes or breaks the experience for me. I ordered my Null cable with the additional braiding, and it is very sturdy but yet flexible. I don't need anything to keep them from pulling unless I'm doing something very active. Also, the look of the Herringbone braid is so cool. All the boxes are checked...sound quality 10, durability 10 (so far so good), comfort 10, appearance 10. I will be purchasing another cable from Null very soon, just trying to decide which of my headphones to treat to the experience.


this is a perfect product

For IE100/IE400

First time using Null Audio and I doubt it'll be the last. Excellent quality cable, fairly priced, and super quick turnaround. Colour me impressed!

Symphonym - Tiburon MKIII UP-OCC Cryo Copper Headphone/IEM Cable

Great sound and excellent workmanship quality

Nice lightweight and well-made cable!

Fits my IE600 perfectly, microphonics seem ok, and sound is as expected. Fast delivery too. Overall, a good-quality cable.

Great cable for Dark IEMs!

There aren't many aftermarket cable brands that carry the JH 7-pin let alone one with a bass attenuator. Fortunately Null Audio does it without an absurd price tag.

I purchased this cable for my JH Layla, which is quite a dark and veiled IEM by default. With the Lune MKVII (8-wire), I felt the sound is no longer veiled yet still maintain that very warm signature. The Layla is still the Layla, this cable won't change that fact. But if you are looking to "unveil" the sound of your JH IEMs, do try out the Lune MKVII!

Cable is Good!

There was a delivery error from Fedex, but I am fully satisfied with the result of receiving and listening. I'm very busy with my work, so I'm leaving a brief review late~

Very good

I love the build quality. Works great with the IE 600 and the mic and buttons are good.

A3H+ LUX Triple Driver Hybrid Universal IEM

The IEM is well made with aluminium enclosure and the cable is good quality Epsilon. It is a very interesting IEM with 4 options of sound signature through switching by a mechanical switch. It has been a great experience for me. So far, I am enjoying the sound signature option in ‘Bass’ setting.

Supreme Bundle: A3H+ LUX with Nyx Wireless In-Ear Monitor pair
David A. (Singapore, SG)

Value for money and the IEM gorgeous! As with previous experience, AAW IEMs are a bit unique and they do sound very different with different cables. I have had sets that sound muffled opened up with the right cabling. With A3H, it sounds borderline sibilant with some tracks but I guess its dependent on individual hearing. I changed the cable and it sounded wonderful for me thereafter!

2022 Mid-Year B-Stock Sale
Jonathan C. (Auckland, NZ)
Grab a Bargain when you can.. this is not ur typical b stock

Such a great product at a reduced price with pretty much no compromises, units are in perfect shape and quality (too perfect) only slight cosmetic issues with the carrying case which I don't use much, I love the unit love the sound, and pretty much best performance per $ you can get. shipping was super quick and the customer services were prompt and friendly with special conditions they have acknowledged, known this company for decades for cables but now they do IEMs which I love too, looking forward to purchasing the next IEM when its onsale ! (eyes on mocking bird!)

Amazing designs and sound quality

There are a lot of designs to choose from and it makes it so easy to customize to one that you like. On top of that, there are 4 different eq settings for your perusal. Sound quality is amazing. Fitting is perfect.


These are without a doubt the best cable, not even aftermarket for the IE series buds.

No issues with them falling off, no issues with weakness in the cable, everything works great. Would 1000% recommend

Excellent quality and customer service!

FedEx lost my package, so they actively communicate with FedEx to try to find my package, and after it was confirmed to have lost, they sent me another cable without any extra cost. Would come again!

Supreme Bundle: A3H+ LUX with Nyx Wireless In-Ear Monitor pair
Alvin K. (Singapore, SG)
A3H+ LUX and Nyx Wireless

One of the best bluetooth setups I've tried with minimal drops and distortion. The A3H+ is punchy brings life to the music.

Good Product, Excellent Quality

First purchase from Null Audio and I'm very happy with the quality of this cable.

Nyx+ BT5.1 Wireless In-Ear Monitor Cable
Keith I. (Ellicott City, US)
So far so great!

We just got in our NYX 5 cables and they are fantastic with our Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10s. I loved my past cable for the TF10s from Null Audio, so this was a no brainer to give them a new way to be used. They linked up immediately with our phones and will get a lot of use.

Well made

Bought these to replace my stock shure se535 cable. These are well made, and much better sounding!

Ethos Series

The cable is very high quality, I am completely satisfied and would buy it again at any time 5 stars

Great feeling cable with solid and tight connections. Definitely an upgrade over the stock IE300 Cable.