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See what other customers are talking about our product and service. All reviews are from actual buyers and we even kept the ones that are saying not so nice things, just to keep it objective and we know where to improve upon, enjoy:p
Based on 2570 reviews
Perfect customer service.

The customer service at null audio is very prompt and professional! I highly recommend doing business with them.

Lune Mark VII with IPX & 2.5mm

Received my cable quickly and in perfect quality. I bought to have an balanced option for my UE 18+Pro and was really pleased to find out that Null uses only the best IPX connectors. They plugged in properly and gave my IEMs a fuller sound with a widening of soundstage compared to the Bax unbalanced. I love the new look - would have liked to have received the Blue zippered case my old Arete came in - but the cable is the reason I buy. Very pleased with the quality.

Final A Series upgrade

This was an upgrade cable for my Final A3000, which resulted in an optimised sound experience. Th cable is high quality and durable but not too heavy. Null deliver a great product and their customer service and delivey times are top. I can highly recommend.

Very nice quality

Excellent quality cable delivery was extremely quick too. Really impressed.

Symphonym - Tiburon MKIII UP-OCC Cryo Copper Headphone/IEM Cable

Awesome cables! Layered my mids and lows really well!

Reference cable

That is enough cable to use as a reference. Also, it is not as heavy as I thought and has a good splitter or terminal finish

very nice!

It's a very good cable! The whole area of ​​the sound becomes rich and it makes listening to the song very enjoyable. I definitely want you to try this cable!

There is a difference - Hakone

Have been using the Lune cable from Null-Audio and took the chance to do an upgrade when there was an offer on the Hakone. Was looking for something that would really take advantage of the low end drivers for my UE Live CIEMs and the Hakone didn’t disappoint. Yes, there was a difference in the low end and bit more headroom when I compare it. Now it sounds a lot closer to my Studio Monitors that I’ve grown used to doing my studio mixes and using it live with the UE has been an even better experience from the Lune series (not that it’s bad, just a tad more open) Using the Lune now on my backup pair of Unique Melody CIEMs and got the best of both worlds.

aerate cable

well recieved product, not able to spot any faults! looking forward to my next cable upgrade!

Great Customer Service

My wife and I each bought a pair of custom AAWs from Null Audio 5 years ago and they have been working wonderfully. When mine stopped working and i went down to the store, the service staff were quick to troubleshoot and offered various ways to solve my issue, without trying to push new products. In the end, my issue was resolved with simply a purchase of a new IEM cable. My custom IEMs now work like brand new again. Thanks!

Earphone Reshell Service by AAW
Jeremy I. (Farmington, US)
Re-Shell Shure SE846

I sent in my Shure SE846’s to be re-shelled (custom molded) and they were sent back to me perfectly. Perfect fit, exactly what I ordered, and the craftsmanship is superb. Your engineers are exceptional. Thank you to you and your team and you have a customer for life!

Good cable

Best matched with my IEM, making it balance and detail sound.

Quality Cable

Awesome cable, really brings out the best in my CA Andromedas.

Excellent Null Cables

Natural, but giving you detail; 3 x Freq balance…….loving it much! 👍

Best Value for money

I own several tiers of NA cables and truthfully the Lune series remain the best value for the money you’re paying. They’re handsomely built and SQ is virtually indistinguishable from the higher end offerings.

My favorite sound

The sound is deep, the stage is wide, and the dynamic is good.
The quality is very good and overall I am very satisfied.

Earphone Reshell Service by AAW
Miki T. (Kensington, GB)
Reshell of Cosmic Ears

I own Cosmic Ears CIEM and after few years one of the drivers came loose. I contacted Cosmic Ears for repair but they refused citing that CIEMs are "impossibe" to repair. AAW was happy to reshell them and the result is better then the original. New CIEMs are much more comfortable and easier to clean. I am delighted with the result and I can recommend reshell sevice, 5 stars!

Excellent Cable for UM Mest MK2

This one is amazing for my earphone(UM Mest MK2). I really enjoyed timbre and calmness.

Lune mk7 = Referce Sound

tone balnce perfect.
8 wire is best choice.
Is it possible make mini-cable(3.5 auc)?

The Aoraki is divine

I have been enjoying my AAW Aoraki cable for 4 weeks now. I am extremely happy with it. The soundstage is wider and instrument placement is more defined. The bass response is very nice and I really like the detailed, lush mids and lack of sibilance in the treble. The build quality is top notch and the connectors are fantastic. I use this to connect my dap players to my ZMF Atriums, ZMF Verite closed, Meze Empyreans and Heddphone. I totally recommend the Aoraki and would buy it again. Looking to buy the Thera next.

Tiburon M

Exquisite craftsmanship, even the screws are in proper placement! Using on Hyla CE-5.

First custom cable

I've been on lookout for affordable but custom length cut cable. I've been pleasantly surprised by quality. Simply put it's great and most likely not the last cable purchase from Null Audio

Good mic for gaming.

I mainly use this Mic cable with my Titan S for discord on PC and PS5. Overall its not bad, it gets the job done for what i need it for.

Best cable in this cost if affordable

- Nice cable quality and finish
- affordable price for 8-wired version
- Good depth of sub-bass, with adequate response
- Immersive vocal distance, with neutral / natural sound
- Soft extension of timbre, without fatigue on long-time listening
- Generally, mild warm to neutral sound regardless of silver-based cable

I recommend Lune MKVII for you searching for cable with neutrality, about 100-200$ cost valuable.

2022 Mid-Year B-Stock Sale
Junichi K. (Yokohama, JP)
Perfect sound with small money

I have previous model but new one give me the perfect sound any time snd any situation. For example, in the commuter train and bus, at the home and at the running the park.
In addition, This one is good sound whatever poor music source like mp3.
This one became number one IEM at the commuter train.