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Great cable at a great cost!

This is mi second cable from Null Audio.

I previously had the MKIII Arete, and I put that thing through hell, but it held up. This one feels even stronger, and in my opinion, looks better.

I got the sleeved cable, which is soft, but strong, and with the gold/silver hardware it looks great. The shopping was fast and the delivery rates are cheap, and, for a made to order cable, the price is amazing too!

Ethos Plus 5N CGOCC-A Silver Plated Earphone Cable

good cable

The making is as beautiful as the other models.
I felt the sound quality was the same as the impression I received from the specs.
I think the cost performance is high compared to similar cables from other companies.

Very good bass

Overall better. Great. This resolution is better than ARESⅡ. Especially the bass is great

Great company and cable

Originally sent the wrong cable (50 / 50 failt) but null re-sent correct cable free of charge. Sounds and works great.

Excellent quality!

Although there was a long delay due to the rose gold parts. Boy was the wait worth it! The cable looks stunning and sounds amazing too. Rich and warm sound with a punchy bass! Highly recommend!

Great Cable and Customer Service

I first ordered a Lune MKV cable for my Sony EX1000, but when it arrived there was a mistake in the wiring. I contacted customer support and Null Audio quickly agreed to send me a replacement. Since the MKVI was recently released, they sent me the new version.

The new cable arrived today and looks & sounds great!

Thanks for the good customer service.


Great product, great advices, fast delivery. We can’t ask more

Lune Series MKVI Premium Upgrade Cable for Headphone | IEM

Fast shipping, good product.

incredibly light and flexible. great fit.

Great upgrade to start

I replaced my effect audio Thor copper cable by the Arete because I wanted to have a sleak and flexible good cable. The Effect audio was too stiff and uncomfortable.

I did not expect a sound upgrade but an upgrade in comfort.
I got surprised how great this cable sounds and that it was not only an upgrade comfort wise. That said.. I replaced another IEM stock cable with the Arete.
It is a cheap, great and high quality cable to start with when you like to upgrade.

Wonderful IEM with new electrostatic technology

In my opinion, POLA has the following characteristics:

1. Well-controlled and detailed treble which is not irritating.
2. Smooth and sentimental vocal, when other IEMs with BA will have occasional presence of sibilance but that is not the case for POLA.
3. Deep and booming bass, that is the most brilliant part of POLA and I can really hear very deep and layered bass as described.

Moreover, a powerful DAP or portable amplifier is needed to drive this giant and a certain run-in period will definitely boost its performance to another level.

Lune Series MKVI Premium Upgrade Cable for Headphone | IEM

Ethos Plus 5N CGOCC-A Silver Plated Earphone Cable

Canary Isobaric Electrostatic Universal In-Ear Monitor

Best of both worlds

A3H offers the best balance in terms of frequency response , awesome clarity without being harsh. It's very musical and engaging. It's finely tuned as a very resolving stage monitor. Would highly recommend it to any professional looking for the best sound and texture. I've compared it to much more expensive and fancy IEM and A3H scores higher for it's perfectly balanced sound that's not artificial or metallic like most BA based models, at any price range. Solid 5 stars for this outstanding monitor!

Great and amazing cable

First time owning this cable. Previously bought from other online site. So just give locally a try. Surprisingly, these cables sound so good. Cable construction also top notch. I'll highly recommend these cable. Reasonably priced and value for for money. Well done guys.

Arete Series MKIV Premium Upgrade Cable For Earphones

Capri Balanced Digital Earphone Cable with Hi-Res DAC

The web store order is smooth and the delivery is fast. The product is good and fit for my IEM but the remote is a little bit large from expectation.

Great cable

It's really beautiful cable. It's also beautiful sound too. Thank you for great cable. I very very like this!

Tiburon Cryo Copper IEM Cable

Very fast delivery of a cable that is a pleasure to use daily !

Soundstage, Punch, Fit, Warmth and Clarity

Now in my 70's I've traded my audiophile ways in for the convenience of MP3s and flac files played on MP3 players... I realize there's a dropoff in musical info and I can hear the difference, but the convenience takes precedence, so I try to make up for it with using quality players such as Cowon Plenue players and IEMs such as the old Audeo PFE 232 and what had been my most recent phones, the Shure SE535. Having never been satisfied with the Shures but so regretful the Audeos are no longer made, I decided to finally try something from Null..... The A3H has been amazing..... My reaction to its greatest attributes are in the title, SOUNDSTAGE, PUNCH, FIT, WARMTH, AND CLARITY. Soundstage is what hit me first.... Not since my electrostatic days have I been able to experience such a defined soundstage... I'm hearing instruments and their location on the stage like I've not heard before, and discovering instruments I had forgotten were there when I listen to my old standby teest songs from the audiophile days... it's quite startling to hear even from an MP3. Of course the info has to be there in the first place but if it's on the MP3, you'll hear it like never before thru these.... And though I'm not really a bass centric listener as so many are (I concentrate on midrange where voices live), it's amazing how the A3H brings out the punch in drum lines and bass lines without overemphasizing... AS far as fit, I suspect what the A3H does for fit is not unusual for many, but when compared to the way the Shures fit in my ear, I was surprised at how easily these seal while lying flat in the ear.... Love it! And as far as my midrange, where there's where I experience the warmth of vocals and clarity is across the board.... I couldnt' be happier with my purchase... One other attribute I've discovered that differentiates these from my prior phones... It's extraordinarily exciting to hear just how much better these sound the louder you play them... That might sound ...

Wonderful Cable and Accessories

The cable is what I expected, very nice to the touch and build quality is exceptional.
what surprised me the most is the very nice case/bag you get with it.

Portable cable

Shorter and more flexible than the OEM. Much better for my main use whilst travelling with my Kann. Too soon to tell if any audio improvement as of yet.


Replaced the default cable on my Massdrop Plus, very happy with the quality of this cable.

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