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See what other customers are talking about our product and service. All reviews are from actual buyers and we even kept the ones that are saying not so nice things, just to keep it objective and we know where to improve upon, enjoy:p
Based on 2731 reviews
Null Audio Epsilon

Got this cable for my 64Audio U4s, as flat 2-pin cables are not very common (most companies only ship cables with standard recessed 2-pin connectors, which look funky when paired with 64Audio's protruding socket assembly). The cable itself is relatively well-built, although the injection-molded plastic around the y-split does have some bit of fraying, and the plug does have a small, shallow dent. The wires itself are pliable, soft, and don't tangle. The ear hook itself is quite thick, but still comfortable. The fit and feel of this cable is significantly better than 64Audio's stock cables, which actually cost more (retail).

Sound wise, the U4s is definitely better than 64Audio's stock "Premium" cable (SPC material). It has a slightly poofier bass response, with more meat, but less control. The mids are relatively the same. And the treble is slightly more laid back, in that it kills some of the brightness/harshness the U4s, and many other tia-equipped 64Audio UIEMs I've heard. In general, it makes the U4s more palatable for my tastes.

The most surprising thing is that this sub-200 USD cable ships with a personalized card that has the owner's name hand-signed upon and a grey leather case, something lots of other boutique cable companies fail to do, especially with their entry-level products.

Great Cable for IE 600

Great sounding and looking cable for the Sennheiser IE 600. Had some issues with my original order, but great customer service handled it perfectly. Very happy with the cable. More secure than the original stock cable, with less microphonics and memory. Very happy with my purchase at Null.


Excellent cable. The combination of Meze Rai penta and Lune MKVII is very good for classical music.

High Quality Upgrade Cable [IE600, 2.5mm termination]

I ordered the 2.5mm jack and these fit pretty good with my IE600s. Only slight issue, is that with the way the IE600s are designed, its a bit too easy to disconnect the MMCX connector from the cable when I reach to take them off from my ears.

Other than that the cable is nice and light, and seems to be built really well. Really happy with it, even if there's a slight issue with the MMCX connector, but that's more of a IE600 design issue I'm sure.

You won't regret it

The cable connection is significantly better than factory original, and it rests comfortably around ears. Most importantly, my IE600 now sounds amazing.

Solid ergonomic upgrade from stock Sennheiser IE600/900 cable

Solid ergonomic upgrade from the stock Sennheiser IE600/900 cable. Though I can't tell any sonic differences, I bought the cable because the stock one has a gross rubbery sheath, tends to coil instead of drape, and the connectors let the IEMs swivel, which makes them hard to insert. By contrast, this NA cable has snugger-fitting MMCX connectors with little swivel, drapes well, and while I did go for a straight 3.5mm termination instead of a right angle, I'm pleased that the jack has a bit of strain relief. The 1.2m length is perfect for mobile use, and the cable is less microphonic than the stock cable as well.

Great cable

Well made, amazing presentation, arrived fast.

AAW ATH custom iem

Great soundstage. Good fit. Loving them!

Incredible cable

Bought an upgrade for the uncomfortable IE600 stock cable and I couldn't be happier. Extremely comfortable and is made from high quality materials. They really make the IE600s sound incredible

Awesome cable!

I’ve had problems with getting Mmcx cable that fits my IE600’s. Not only does this fit perfectly, but has a great sound, and no microphonics. Highly recommended!

Ethos Series MKV Premium Upgrade Cable for Headphone | IEM




AAW Custom Builder
Mark R. (Nutley, US)
Best IEM’s for the money

This is my second set of AAW A3H, with this set being a more recent upgrade. My original set served me well on many many gigs for a few years before various situations caused them to start to wear out (most involving clumsiness by me). The new set fits wonderfully and sounds like I remember the other set sounding (sadly the set that was on its way out got lost on a bus ride). I’ve recommended the AAW IEM to many musicians and a few have ordered them, with all reporting that they are very happy.

There was a little miscommunication on this order between null audio and me, because I thought they still had my impressions on file and they did not, but it was resolved and I had new ones done as soon as my schedule allowed. Even though it meant that I had to wait longer for them, I’m glad it happened because the fit of these is better than my previous pair (which were a hair too small, remedied with a little clear acrylic nail polish and a buffing) so I think the impressions were better this time.

I won’t hesitate to continue to recommend null audio and AAW to people who I meet when doing sound as well as online.

New Believer

Bought this because the stock IE900 cable is microphonic and unusable, but did not believe in cable audio quality improvements. This one proved me wrong. Crazy stuff.



Nyx+ BT5.1 Wireless In-Ear Monitor Cable

Great quality and battery life


10/10 simply perfect


Amazing feel, no memory effect whatsoever and some of the lowest microphonics in an IEM cable. I bought this for my IE600. The (Sennheiser proprietary) MMCX connectors on the cable are very tight and dont swivel much compared to the stock ones. Very recommended.

Brevity Pro 5N CGOCC-A Copper Earphone Cable

It is well-fitted to AKG N5005!

There are not so many cables fitted well to my N5005. This cable is perfectly fitted.

Comfortable, nice cable!

Great for ie600!

It does change my Hi-Fi experience!

This is the first time I tried a custom cable, other than the one that come with my headphones. I always have been somewhat skeptical of cables making that much difference in the sound quality and its characteristics. However, the Arete cable did enhanced the performance especially in the lower bases. My humble audio system is Zenheiser HD660s2 with Zen Signiture DAC and CAN.

Professional response and customer service

I originally received a damaged cable, and after explaining the situation I was told not to worry about it and a replacement was sent my way. Despite the mishap, I am happy with the way this handled as well as the excellent quality cable.

Lune Series MKVII Premium Upgrade Cable

The Lune Series MKVII Premium Upgrade Cable is a remarkable audio accessory that delivers a heightened listening experience. With its exceptional build quality and meticulous craftsmanship, this cable offers a significant boost to audio performance. The sound quality is outstanding, adding depth, clarity, and richness to your favorite tracks. While it comes at a higher price point of around 300 SGD, compared with the linsoul cable I have before ,the investment is justified by the enhanced audio immersion and overall sonic excellence it provides. If you're seeking to unlock the full potential of your headphones or IEMs, the Lune Series MKVII Premium Upgrade Cable is a worthy choice.