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See what other customers are talking about our product and service. All reviews are from actual buyers and we even kept the ones that are saying not so nice things, just to keep it objective and we know where to improve upon, enjoy:p
Based on 2447 reviews
Earphone Reshell Service by AAW
Kwee T.L. (Singapore, SG)


Awesome bass!

I use this cable with IE300.
It gives more detail and full bass. Great!

Nyx BT5 Wireless In-Ear Monitor Cable
Masanori F. (Setagaya-ku, JP)
Nice Gear! freedom of wireless.

Replacement from Capri cable with DAC.
Capri is also nice cable with superb DAC, but unfortunately connection tends to be cut while moving. so I tried wireless NYX BT5 cable.
Then everything has changed, I enjoy freedom of wireless world with my favorite UE900s in ear phone. I only tested apple lossless coding but it sounds as same as before, plus no connection stop.
I’m very happy to meet with Nyx BT5.

Just a gentle feedback, I prefer a little more longer cable installed perhaps by 5 cm longer for each, so that I could freely turn my neck in MRT or everywhere.
Thank you!! masanori

Arete Series MKIV Premium Upgrade Cable For Earphones

잘 쓰고 있습니다...

품질, 배송처리, 마감 및 디자인, 가성비 모두 만족합니다...

쉐어 이어폰 케이블에 만족하기에, 소니와 젠하이저 이어폰 케이블도 이미 구매했고 배송을 기다리는 중입니다...


Quality cable!!

It looks great, sounds great and feels great!!
It gives quality low bass and firm mid range sound.
I also think about buying another for my hd660s.
Customer service is superb!



This is the totally amazing experience

I didn't expect this kind of huge sound change for using custom cable.
It is amazing and i fell in love with sound.
Thank you.


These are amazing from the unboxing experience to the quality of the product, highly recommend

I'm fully satisfied with your product and service.

My ordered item : Ethos MKIV Premium Upgrade Cable * 1 (with MMCX, 2.5mm plug)

Earphone Reshell Service by AAW
Thomas J. (Basel, CH)
New life for Noble K10s - I wish I had done this a while ago!

I love my Nobles, but after a few years the universal shells (as beautiful as they are) were looking pretty shabby. I also had long noticed that, for my ears at least, bass response was significantly stronger when I pressed on the IEMs with a finger, as if the shells were radiating much of the power into the ether. This was NOT a function of the seal. I did not experience this, for example, with my Fiio FH7s with the same tips.

The work by AAW was first rate. And, to my delight, the bass has been greatly improved. No need to hold the IEMs firmly in place to get rumble and impact.

My only minor issue is that the acrylic used has a significantly redder tint than expected. Perhaps just a function of my monitor's color temperature. See the pics below - the ones I received (cabled) and the mock-up from NA's site. Still, 5 star product and 5 star service.

AAW Custom Builder
Hyo S. (Tacoma, US)
Amazing UE Triple FI 10 Re-Shell!!

Got my UE Triple Fi 10 Re-Shelled, and my goodness do they sound good. They were great IEM's housed in one of the most uncomfortable shells I've ever tried. After the re-shell they are now AMAZING!! Perfect fit, and great noise isolation for drumming. Null Audio had so many great options to choose from and the customer service was great. Really pleased on how these turned out! I absolutely love the custom case and the membership card is a really nice touch. Will definitely do business with them again.

Ethos MKIV Premium Upgrade Cable for Headphone | IEM
Desmond T. (Kampong Pasir Ris, SG)
Second Ethos Cable

2nd ethos cable for different iems, good cable, soft, and fast service by Null Audio

Soft cable and tangle free with excellent customer service!

Purchased with a request to write a note wishing happy birthday for my friend who's going to received it. The product apparently arrived with a proper birthday card! Furthermore the cable was said to be very soft and nice to the touch, as well as tangle free.

Great and high quality cable arrived ahead of schedule!

This is not my first time buying a cable from Null Audio, nor will this be my last. The cables just keep on better with each iteration!

AAW Tiburon MKII UP-OCC Cryo Copper

Unbelievable Quality. Sound that will make your body feel like you are floating. The cable enchanced the listening experience for me. Good job Null Audio

Earphone Reshell Service by AAW
Ying H.L. (Jurong West, SG)

Earphone Reshell Service by AAW

I’m very happy

This cable is better quality then the original cable and it sounds better too. I am very happy.

ACH Ceramic Universal In-Ear Monitor
Benedict F. (Auckland, NZ)
A Gem

Smooth listening for both male and female vocals.

Solid piece of hifi audio equipment!

This is quite the piece of audio equipment! It has impressed me much more than many other bluetooth headsets, especially at the ~$60USD price point! It's got great battery life and solid range. The audio quality is at a good enough point that I don't have any complaints! The way that the buttons are configured to work is a bit odd/unintuitive to me, but this isn't something that makes it unusable. The cord is the perfect length, but the two pods on the cord sometimes sit oddly on my neck. That fact may have more to do with the shape of my neck than anything else though... Overall these were a fantastic purchase, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a bluetooth adapter for their IEMs.

Arete Series MKIV

Cool cable!
Very fexible - second most important feature (after sound characteristics) to me.
Using it with my Mest II - just balanced out the lows and highs as I thought :)
Nice customer service, too.

Arete series mkiv

Fast shipping, great cable

Earphone Reshell Service by AAW
Nat (Singapore, SG)
Amazing Service despite multiple refits!

Reshelled an AAW W900. Quality of this reshell is fantastic! Unfortunately I had to get multiple refits for my left ear as the fit was not good, but the staff at the shop was very patient and helped me through the entire process! Thank you so much!

Pretty good cable

The shipping speed was pretty fast, and the cable was soft and sturdy. Good experience overall.

A wireless cable that delivers as expected

It's nice to have something that actually performs as expected - for a change. Stable Bluetooth connection, battery life that appears to last forever, and a seemingly bullet-proof user interface. Musically, it's a step down from a decent cable, but I expected that. Small niggle – getting the rubber cable to sit behind ears doesn’t work. That takes some getting used to. Closing thoughts – the Bluetooth adaptor has extended the functionality of my CIEM's at an acceptable price / performance point. A very easy thumbs up – buy one.