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What is Custom In-Ear Monitor?

Conceptually Custom-fit In-Ear Monitor(CIEM) is everything like traditional one-shape-fits-all earphones but with one key distinction: custom moulded shell to fill exact cavity of your ears. The CIEM experience is started with a trip to audiologist to have ear impressions taken and AAW will carefully craft the monitor shells mirroring their shapes. Delicately tuned and matched transducers are then mounted into the shells to create an one of a kind earpiece for you and you only.

Things to Know

Check out the FAQ page for things to look out for if you have questions regarding the CIEM ordering process.

Taking Ear Impressions

We strongly advise the use of professionally certified audiologist to perform the ear impression taking service. Please download the AAW Impressioning Guide and bring the printout to better instruct your audiologist.

If you need help in locating an audiologist near your location, please email and we will try our best to help. 

Send Your Ear Impressions

Once ear impressions are done, ship them with your order confirmation and adequate protection container to us so we can start manufacturing your monitors. We can be reached at:

Null Audio
03 Soon Lee Street
04-07 Pioneer Junction
Singapore 627606
Phone: +65-8731-5476