Lune Series MKIII Premium Upgrade Cable for Earphones

by: Null Audio Studio

Important: microphone is NOT compatible with iPhone 7/7 Plus. Other versions of iPhone are good to use. 

For Canada and United States customer, we strongly recommend you to read the information on shipping to Canada and U.S. posted here.

The Lune utilizes specially made silver wires with chemi-resistant Teflon sleeving as high performance conductors, braided to reduce low range and interference noises. It minimizes transmission phase shifts and distortions while providing immense clarity over the sound realm with better depth, width, image focus and finer low range resolution. The Lune is of extreme light weight, terminated with high quality audio connectors. The cable also optionally includes dual mode inline remote that supports both iOS and major Android devices. The remote is equipped with premium MEMS micrphone which offers crystal clear call quality. This is a very sharp looking cable and serves as the best IEM replacement cable on market. 

Ultimate Ears 10 Pro, 5 Pro/EB, 3 Pro Ultimate Ears UE900 Shure SE535/SE425/SE315/SE215 Audio Technica CK100Pro Sennheiser IE80/IE8 Westone W10/W20/W30/W40/W50/W60 Westone UM2 Pro/UM3 Pro  Westone UM2 RC/UM3X RC/Westone 4R and all Westone Custom Fit IEM Earsonics SM1, SM2 V2, SM3 V2, SM64 and all Earsonics Custom Fit IEM FitEar Custom Fit IEM Etymotic ER4P/B/S

Custom IEMs from most manufacturers such as JH Audio, Unique Melody, Rooth Professional Audio, etc.

If you are unsure which IEM connector to choose from, email us for assistance!

Wiring Color: White (not visible if full multifilament nylon black sleeve is selected) Length: 1.2 meter or 48 inches (length customization supported, please contact us) Pin contact: 99.9% gold hard plating over brass, insulated in thermalplastics Weight: 20g Warranty: 1 Year
Made-to-order item, lead-time is around 2 - 2.5 weeks (w.e.f. 21st Feb). Lead-time is adjusted on a weekly basis according to order volume.

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