Hakone UP-OCC Cryo Silver/Copper Headphone/IEM Cable

Hakone UP-OCC Cryo Silver/Copper Headphone/IEM Cable utilizes the specially made Ultra-Pure Ohno Continuous Casting with amazing fine strands of conductors. Hakone is 4 wire cross-braided with two copper wire and two silver wire in order to minimize cross interference and capsulated with ultra-flexible and glossy clear jacket. The wiring underwent cryogenic treatment to further reduce residual stress, resistance and enhance music signal transmission.

Hakone employs a staggered wiring layout with individually enamelled asymmetrical regular and denser strands. Hakone offers the better of both worlds with smooth treble, layered staging and warm, impactful bass.


Wire: 26AWG UPOCC Litz Silver/Copper
Length: 1.2 meter or 48 inches (length customization available)
Pin contact: 99.9% gold hard plating over brass, insulated in clear thermalplastics
Hardware: Symphonym TM Quest Rhodium plated Copper Series
Hardware Sleeve: Premium Wood Select with Custom Engraving
Soldering: 10% Silver Solder
Weight: 30g


Ear guide installed by default. FOC to remove ear guide by request.

Metal slider is not installed for "Herringbone 8 Braid" version.

"JH Audio 4pin with bass control" option is only supported by "Herringbone 8 Braid" version.

"Balanced cable adapter" under Symphony cable series is interconnect cable with length of 15cm (tip-to-tip).

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