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Arete Series MKIV Premium Upgrade Cable For Earphones

The Arete Series MKIV Cable is made of premium grade multi-stranded UPOCC copper conductor. Combined with elastic insulation material, Arete series cable offers the most flexible earphone cable solution on market. The cable itself is quad braided to reduce low range distortion and interference for max performance and offers dynamic and euphonic sound presentation.This cable carries very little memory effect nor microphonics. If you are looking for cable for extreme comfort and robust mobile usage, this is the best solution for you!

Technical Highlight
  • UPOCC Wire
  • Litz 3 configured conductors - asymmetric configured one 13-strand and one 12-strand conductors, each individually enameled, totaling 25 strands per wire, 100 strands per cable
  • 50% larger single strand and larger overall wire cross section than previous generation for reduced impedance and more effective signal delivery
  • Ultra clear and durable PVC insulator
  • Premier CNC machined copper hardware with electroplating
Why Litz 3?
  • All new Arete cables ship with Litz 3 application. Each of the braid are insulated from each other using a PVD deposited clear coating. That create an extra layer of protection from oxidation, color change and enables better longevity of the cable.

The cable also optionally includes  dual mode inline remote that supports both iOS and major Android devices. The remote is equipped with premium MEMS microphone which offers crystal clear call quality.

  • Wiring Color: Copper/Clear
  • Connector Color: Silver/Rose Gold
  • Length: 1.2 meter or 48 inches (Contact for length customization)
  • Pin contact: 99.9% gold hard plating over brass, insulated in crystal clear ABS
  • Weight: 30g
  • Warranty: 1 Year

New hardware in stock, Built-to-order, lead time is 1-1.5 weeks.

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