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Ethos Series MKVI Premium Upgrade Cable for Headphone | IEM

Signature Guide

At Null Audio, we are reluctant to simply define our cables into high-end or entry but a large variety of distinctive designs, material compositions, and binding architectures that performs largely different sonically and ergonomically. This guide is to help you find the perfect synergy with your source and headphone, rather than pursuing the price tags.

Introducing FlexiPlug

The FlexiPlug is a multi-connection system, enabling users to switch to adequate connectors for their IEMs.

Currently supporting 2PIN, IE300, A2DC, IPX, Pentaconn Ears and QDC 2PIN.

Technical Highlight

Silver-plated copper, UPOCC cast.

Braided SPC Full Jacket RF Shielding

40% larger single-strand and larger overall wire cross-section than the previous generation for reduced impedance and more effective signal delivery

116 threads per braid, 232 threads per cable

Ultra-clear, flexible and durable insulator

Premier CNC fabricated aluminum hardware with anodized/Electroplating finish


Conductor Material: Silver-plated copper

Wiring: 21.5 AWG

Length: 1.2m or 48" (Contact for customisation)

Weight: ~26g

Connector Color: Black/Rose Gold

Solder: NA Custom 10% Silver Solder

Pin Contact: High precision fabrication, 24k gold plated

Warranty: 1 Year

Build Note

Designed, handcrafted and shipped from Singapore.

Built-to-order. Lead time around 1 week.

Optionally includes a inline remote supporting both iOS and major Android devices. The remote is equipped with a premium MEMS microphone for crystal clear call quality.

Ear guide (~10cm) is installed by default for commonly used IEM connectors (e.g. 2PIN, MMCX, IPX ect). Let us know if your IEM/headphone is modified or needs extra customization.

Customer Reviews

Based on 197 reviews
eBe (Ho Chi Minh City, VN)
Love it at the sight and loving its performance

Superb in, Stunning out cables. This is my first NA Cable, outstanding effects on my AK Zero1: wider sound stage, more details, tight bass and sparkly treble, forward mid a bit. The weekness on my Zero1 is the quite tight soundstage but Ethos MKVI solved the problem wisely.
The metal part (Black/Silver) is match perfectly with my AK SR25mkii n' Zero1!
The leather case is well made as well.
The service center (dont know exactly who) is very kind and helpful, served my requesting in deep.

Can't not wait to try more iem cable from Null Audio soon!

도경 (Suwon, KR)
An absolute upgrade from the previous version (ethos MKV)

Worth buying in every aspect such as design, fitting, sound and price.
Perfectly matched with IE600, better than the previous MKV.
NA, pls keep making cables like this

DT (Rochester, US)
Really well made for the price

The connection between the wire and the mmcx is very very secure and it fits perfectly on my IE600 no loose parts at all. The wire is slightly angled on the mmcx to naturally loop behind your ear. I've bought other 3rd party cables for my iem and nothing has come close to NA's attention to detail

Chris R. (Offstein, DE)
Seems to be worth the price

Purchased as a replacement for the default Sennheiser IE300 cable, that was starting to cause issues. My first impressions after the first 2 weeks of daily use are very positive so far.

Iinital installation was a bit scary, because the connectors require a lot more force to be pushed in compared to the default ones.

It also came with a nice bag and a ownership card

JP (Sarasota, US)
Fits Sennheiser IE600 well.

I bought this cable with the Sennheiser connections, because I have a Sennheiser IE600 IEM. My main priority with this purchase was a good fit with my IE600, because the IEM uses a slightly different MMCX connector. I have never spent this much money on a cable before, but options are limited for the IE600, so I decided to take the plunge.

The Ethos cable I received fits my IE600 perfectly. It is more snug than the original cable that was included by Sennheiser. If you are looking for an IE600 cable that fits, I can confirm that this one worked for me. I am giving this cable 5 stars because it does exactly what I bought it for.

Other things I can say is that the cable feels nice and thick, it does not tangle, and it is pleasing to handle. The white color is attractive.

Not cable-related, but Null audio sent the cable in a nice leatherette case. The leatherette case was inside of a nice embossed cardboard box. I now use the cardboard box to store my IE600s (perfect size). I use the leatherette case to store a different pair of earbuds. In other words, the packaging and unboxing was very nice.

For reference, here is exactly what I ordered:
1x Ethos Series MKVI Premium Upgrade Cable for Headphone | IEM for $0.00 USD each Headphone Connection: Sennheiser IE300/600/900
Stereo Connection: NL4 Rosegold 3.5

Julie X. (Surrey, CA)
Ethos series MKVI

Genuinely one of the best cables I have used for the ie900. Originally had issues with treble peaks and just overall harsh treble for the ie900. Ethos VI completely fixed that for me, and added a tone of excitement to the pair.