Advanced AcousticWerkes Custom In-Ear Monitor Order FAQ

1. What are available and how do I order?

Place order through our online catalogue or head to our showroom for purchasing the corresponding model.

2. What payment methods do you accept and when do I make payment?

Showroom: Cash or NETS. Full payment is required when ear impressions are taken.

Online store: Paypal, Credit Card, Visa, Master Card

3. What options do I have on color and faceplate inserts?

Click here, here and here for color charts.

4. Will I be able to change my order?

Yes, S$80 alteration fee per earpiece (single side) applicable once order details are submitted to AAW. Order is not changeable once production has finished.

5. What accessories are included?

All new stock cable, carrying case, cleaning cloth, flight adaptor, 6.3mm adaptor, cleaning tool and warranty card.

For reshell order, the accessories include: stock cable, carrying case, cleaning cloth, cleaning tool and warranty card. 

6. Will I be able to choose cable color?

Currently there is only one color for the cable. For A series it is our Brevity S series, and for M and W series it is our Ethos cable (silver-white color).

7. What socket type is available for selection?

Currently only recessed 2 pin is offered.

8. Will I be able to audition the CIEM?

Yes, we have universal fit demo available in our showroom.

9. Do you provide ear impressions?

You may visit any audiologist to have ear impressions taken, the cost may vary. 

For local customers, you may also visit our showroom to have the ear impressions taken. The ear impressions are complimentary and taken by trained personnel. However, we will not be held responsible for any adverse effect for the procedure. 

For overseas customers, please visit an audiologist to have your ear impressions taken and send directly to us with a copy of your order confirmation email at

Null Audio
#04-07 Pioneer Junction,
03 Soon Lee Street,
Singapore 627606

10. When should I do my ear impressions?

We recommend having the impressions taken right before ordering.

11. How long does it take to make the CIEM?

Please inquire as the leadtime is updated weekly. Please take note that any date given is only a ROUGH estimation and subject to change.

12. Do I get build progression update from AAW or Null Audio?

This service is not available yet. 

13. Can I send inquiry on the status of my CIEM?

Please only send inquiries if the projected lead-time has lapsed from the ear impression taking date. 

14. How will I receive the CIEM?

For local customers, you will receive email/SMS notification once the CIEM is ready for collection in our store. Local postage is available upon request.

For overseas customer, you will receive email notification once the CIEM is ready for shipping.

Tracking information will be provided in subsequent emails.

15. What is your refit policy?

Free refit within 30 days for A and M series, and 60 days for W series, upon delivery of the CIEM unless otherwise specified. Shipping charges will be individually assessed for overseas orders.

16. What is your warranty policy?

1 or 2 year(s) parts and labor on the CIEM and its cable unless otherwise specified. For more information see our limited warranty here.

17. What is your return policy?

No return accepted due to the nature of CIEM production, it is tailor made for you and you only, thus will be your burden forever. 

18: Do you offer ownership transfer service?

Yes, S$100 transfer fee applicable, which will include reshelling cost and 6 months renewed warranty. No cable will be provided for ownership transfer service.