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Ethos MKIV Premium Upgrade Cable for Headphone | IEM

Product Lead-time around 1 week

Luka MKII Hardware

The brand-new, revised Luka hardware now utilizes aerospace grade 6061 Aluminum body with separated anodizing and electroplating technique and precision CNC machining. It is 70% lighter and 120% stronger than the previous copper version.

Signature Guide

At Null Audio, we are reluctant to simply define our cables into high-end or entry but a large variety of distinctive designs, material compositions, and binding architectures that performs largely different sonically and ergonomically. This guide is to help you find the perfect synergy with your source and headphone, rather than pursuing the price tags.

Technical Highlight

Silver-plated copper, UPOCC cast.

Litz 5 configured conductors

50% larger single-strand and larger overall wire cross-section than the previous generation for reduced impedance and more effective signal delivery

Ultra-clear, flexible and durable insulator

Premier CNC fabricated aluminum hardware with anodized/Electroplating finish


Wiring: 28 AWG

Connector Color: Silver/Rose Gold

Length: 1.2m or 48" (Contact for customization)

Solder: NA Custom 10% Silver Solder

Pin Contact: High precision fabrication, 24k gold plated

Warranty: 1 Year

Build Note

Ready in stock: 2pin/mmcx, 2.5/3.5/4.4mm

Built-to-order: other terminations, lead-time is around 1 week.

Designed, handcrafted and ships from Singapore.

This cable also optionally includes a dual-mode inline remote that supports both iOS and major Android devices. The remote is equipped with a premium MEMS microphone which offers crystal clear call quality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Ethos MKIV Premium Cable

5/5 Will recommend it to people who want to start becoming an audiophile or to change their original IEM Cables. Sounds better than my original cable in terms of getting more depth & soundstage out my my IEM & for the price it's really good

Ethos MKIV Premium Upgrade Cable - Great cable - usual problems MMCX connectors as everyone else

This review is for an Ethos MKIV Premium Upgrade Cable with MMCX connectors for use with Shure se425 IEMs. With the exception of the MMCX connectors, the cable is of good quality and has good clarity of sound. However, after 6 months of everyday use, the MMCX connector on the left IEM has become so loose that there is now sound drop out when walking. I have tried so many cables and all end up with the same problems not matter how much you pay. This seems to indicate that there is a problem with the design of the MMCX interface. My experience has shown that genuine Shure cables last the longest (about 12 months) and any other brand, no matter what the price, fails after about 6 months.

It's so nice!

I like it!

Ethos MKIV Premium Upgrade Cable

Was skeptical about purchasing these at the start as I tried to do some research about whether expensive cables really make a difference and most stuff I read up online claim they don't, after having bad experiences with cheap aftermarket cables for my Sennheiser IE80s when it comes to quality control like the cable spoiling after less than 3 months use and inconsistent cable lengths(too short) ,I gave in and bought from Null Audio. Now when it comes to the debate of whether expensive cables make a difference in sound quality ,I am just a regular consumer and have no idea how they did it with the cables but the sound signature is evidently more controlled and balanced compared to cheaper aftermarket alternatives which tend to be more airy and have piercing treble and much more better than the stock IE80 cable which sounded muddy compared to the Ethos. Not sure about the more expensive cable lineups Null Audio has to offer and how much potential they have to make my Sennheiser IE80S sound better but my final verdict on this cable and suggestion for potential buyers is that your main purchasing decision for this cable should be if you dislike the airy and piercing treble sound signature of cheap aftermarket cables that causes hearing fatigue or if are just looking for a slightly better altered/tuned sound improvement in general.

Great cable - would highly recommend

Great quality and fast delivery - would highly recommend to anyone looking for an upgrade


Never thought that this cable will change my listening experience with MIC. Using with my UIEM UE7 Pro