M5-5D In-ear Monitors

WOW Thanks to our customers' generosity and support we cleared the ADV stock only one day after the incident! Just a reminder of what happened here today, the last listed price for this 5 driver IEM was USD$249 USD$649 and some lucky studs may have gotten even better deals.

It was a tough decision for AAW to dump IEM at such significant discount as it took hard work and sweat to design, procure components and build these IEMs by hand, but we got to do what has to be done to fend ourselves and mitigate loss. Bear in mind ADV still have not paid a single cent towards over two thousands Accessport amps delivered to the Kickstarter campaign backers. However we are glad these IEMs found new homes and could sometimes put a smile on their new owners' face, enjoy, folks!

Temporary packing including: leather carrying case + 2 x Null Audio upgrade cable

In view of the dishonorable and unprofessional behavior of ADV.SOUND and its affiliated company Intesa Global Limited, that ADV.SOUND has admitted its financial mismanagement and intentionally refused to fulfill legal obligation of payment to AAW, AAW has to cease the collaboration and many on-going projects with ADV.SOUND .

These projects include Accessport on KickStarter and M5-1D and M5-5D IEMs, of which AAW had heavily invested on R&D and production. This clearance includes  IEM which AAW has manufactured for ADV.SOUND yet could not deliver due to payment arrears by ADV.SOUND

All products are in brand new condition with 1-year standard warranty supported by AAW.

Clear  here  and  here  for details of AAW announcement.


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