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Lune Series MKIV Premium Interconnect Cable

The Lune series 4th generation is here!

The Lune utilizes specially made silver wires with chemi-resistant TPE??sleeving as high performance conductors, braided to reduce low range and interference noises. It minimizes transmission phase shifts and distortions while providing immense clarity over the sound realm with better depth, width, image focus and finer low range resolution. The Lune is of extreme light weight, terminated with high quality audio connectors. ??This is a very sharp looking cable and serves as the best??interconnect??cable on market.??

What is changed in the MKIV generation?

  • OCC casted silver/rare metal alloy conductor, same secret recipe,??now OCC casted.
  • Litz 4 configured conductors - Four individual 18-strand conductors, total 72 strands per wire, 288 strands per cable.
  • Four individual braids surround a centre Kevlar reinforcement fibre core for maximum tensile strength and durability
  • Ultra clear and durable TPE insulator
  • Copper bodied 3.5/2.5mm connectors
  • Wiring Color: Silver/Clear
  • Length: 15cm or??6 inches tip to tip (length customization supported, please contact us)
  • Pin contact: 99.9% gold hard plating over brass
  • Weight: 15g
  • Warranty: 1 Year
lead-time is around 2~3 weeks.
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