Advanced AcousticWerkes

Advanced AcousticWerkes Custom Fit Hearing Protection Earplugs


Advanced AcousticWerkes Custom Fit Hearing Protection Earplugs are fully customized to user's ear canal shape in high precision and light weight material. It is designed to stay close to user's ear canal wall, therefore there will be minimum pressure even during jaw movement. The filter system has various attenuation levels to cope with different noise environments, it is able to protect user's hearing against harmful noise frequencies while allowing useful frequency band to pass through. It will enable wearer to remain alert to surrounding environment and talk to each other in normal volume. It is extremely important for industrial application, since wearer will be able to sense approaching danger such as incoming vehicles, footsteps and does not need to remove the earplugs to communicate with colleagues.

Material Type:
  • Hard Acrylic
Fitting Type:
  • Full Ear Mold
Product Feature:
  • Customized for precise fitting to user's ear canal
  • Comfortable to wear, minimal pressure to canal wall
  • Filter out high frequency noise, does not impair user ability to hear human voice or  sensuality to surrounding environment.
  • Long durability

Model: CFIT27

Attenuation: up to 39dB @ 4~8kHz

CFIT27 is designed for intensive noise level environment such as shipyard, heavy industrial site,shooting ranch and etc. It offers maximum attenuation at high frequency range to filter out harmful noise to protect human hearing system. In the meantime it will allow useful frequency band below 1000Hz for communication without taking off the earplugs.

Model: CFIT25

Attenuation: up to 39dB @ 8kHz

CFIT25 is designed for medium noise level application, where communication and detection of surrounding environment takes priority. It has the perfect gradual reduction of sound level as frequency increases.

Model: CFIT23

Attenuation: up to 36dB @ 8kHz

CFIT23 is designed for light noise level environment especially for musical applications. Musicians and audiophiles understand the importance to preserve their hearing ability to enjoy music to the full extent. CFIT23 is perfect for on stage usage, where high frequency range orchestral instruments are slightly attenuated without damaging the integrity and clarity of the musical spectrum. It will allow communication and music performance to be more natural and accurate.

The lead-time for this product is 7-8 weeks, from the date ear impression is received.
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