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Arete Series MKV Premium Upgrade Cable for Headphone | IEM

Signature Guide

At Null Audio, we are reluctant to simply define our cables into high-end or entry but a large variety of distinctive designs, material compositions, and binding architectures that performs largely different sonically and ergonomically. This guide is to help you find the perfect synergy with your source and headphone, rather than pursuing the price tags.

Introducing FlexiPlug

The FlexiPlug is a multi-connection system, enabling users to switch to adequate connectors for their IEMs.

Currently supporting 2PIN, IE300, A2DC, IPX, Pentaconn Ears and QDC 2PIN.

Technical Highlight

UPOCC Copper conductor.

High conductor count even 12 and 13 strands per wire, 100 strands per cable.

Flexible and durable insulator.

Maximum tensile strength and flexibility with reduced microphonics

Premier anodized aluminum alloy hardware


Conductor Material: UPOCC Copper

Wiring: 24 AWG

Length: 1.2m or 48" (Contact for custom length)

Weight: ~25g

Connector Color: Black/Rose Gold

Solder: NA Custom 10% Silver Solder

Pin Contact: High precision fabrication, 24k gold plated

Warranty: 1 Year

Build Note

Designed, handcrafted and shipped from Singapore.

Built-to-order. Lead time around 1 week.

Optionally includes a inline remote supporting both iOS and major Android devices. The remote is equipped with a premium MEMS microphone for crystal clear call quality.

Ear guide (~10cm) is installed by default for commonly used IEM connectors (e.g. 2PIN, MMCX, IPX ect). Let us know if your IEM/headphone is modified or needs extra customization.

The slider is not installed for "Herringbone 8 Braid" version and microphone version.

Customer Reviews

Based on 391 reviews
Dave H. (Zurich, CH)
nice cable & support

iem cable much better than stock and a return shipment of a mistaken order on my side was no problem to handle and refund. cheers

Sean L. (Singapore, SG)
Great audio cable

The workmanship is good. I’ve never seen any flaw or problem with the cable i purchased. Keep up the good work.

S.L. (Denver, US)
Excellent replacement for IE 900 stock cable

Awesome replacement for a terrible stock cable. More comfortable and no sound compromise

James K. (Madison, US)
quality cable for the IE600

I've tried both the stock IE600 cable and cables from other vendors and found that the Null Audio cables have less microphonics and have less of a memory effect (easier to wrap and unwrap). I don't buy into the idea that cables affect sound quality, but I do want a cable that looks good, is comfortable, and is easy to use, and this cable meets all of those criteria.

Olcay O. (Bursa, TR)
Quality as always

The cable that increases my listening pleasure.

Steve N.
Quality Always

Received my new cable promptly in a nice case. Build and sound quality is great, and it looks cool too!