July 27, 2018


With the launch of the MKV Lune series, it marks a fruitful year for Null Audio. We have attracted 50% more visitors to our site all over the world and for the first time that international visitors doubled our local sessions. We have shipped cables and IEMs to more than 65 countries in the past 12 month and our clientele has been ever more diverse.
With such development, we often get confused customers emailing us concerning exchange issues. Therefore, we think that for the best browsing and shopping experience, we will adjust our main checkout and display currency to USD from SGD.
We will also be adjusting some cable pricing for the first time in 10 years since our inception to accommodate the currency change and reflect inflation and rising material/labor cost over the years. For our best sellers such as Lune Series and etc, we will still keep them lower than the old MSRP through means such as the aforementioned sale, for a limited period. Grab yours before it ends!

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