CustomGoWhere - On Site Auditioning & Impressioning & Mini Meet!


This service is currently available in Singapore only and we are looking to expand to other countries. For overseas customers, please request demos for loan HERE.

If you wish to audition our custom in-ear monitor demos but could not make yourself available to visit our store due to life commitments, or if you wish to arrange group auditioning such as for your band members. Our audiologist trained staff will bring full range of demos along with portable impressioning material&tools to a location near you island-wide.

Only S$20 FREE transport fee is applicable with no obligation to buy on spot or whatsoever.

Brand & Models Available:

Advanced AcousticWerkes A3H, A3H-V, M20, W100, W300AR, W350, W500AHMorph 
Hidition NTRM, NT6, NT6Pro, Viento-R
Rooth Professional Audio LS4, LS5X, LS6, LS8, LS8+,LSX 

How does this work?

We will offer 3 appointment slots per day, morning(10am~1pm), afternoon(2pm~5pm) and evening(6pm~8pm) with 20 locations island-wide. You may book an appointment slot with a specific location near you, one day in advance HERE. Our staff will contact you via phone/sms to confirm.

During appointment making process you may choose this meet to be 'private' or 'open'. If you choose 'private', our staff will meet you only. If you choose 'open', we will publish this appointment on our site and Facebook. Any interested patrons in the vicinity may join the session, you can share listening notes, cross-reference with each other's gears, discuss your findings and do ear impressions together:) Viola! We have our mini portable-fi get-together! 


1. Take some time to clean your ear prior to the appointment, for hygiene reasons as well as to make quality ear impressions.

2. Bring as much gears as you want, whichever brands they are from, to compare with our demos and also share with us & fellow meet attendees.

3. Try to be punctual as our staff will wait at the location for 30mins before calling it a no-show:(

4. There is absolutely no obligation to buy on spot if you wish to take you time to consider about the purchase. 

5. We will control attendees for each meet to under 8 persons as some venues may not be able to accommodate large meet.